Our Favourite Christmas Songs

Love it or hate it, from the second the last firework pops on 5th November, Christmas music is inescapable. It’s on the radio, it’s on your television, it’s in every single bustling high street shop. But Christmas music doesn’t have to mean the same 10 songs you hear year after year on the same naff CD your Mum keeps in the loft but no-one is … Continue reading Our Favourite Christmas Songs

Our Top 5 Christmas Films

No need to look any further for the definitive list of top 5 Christmas films – you’ve found it. 5. Love Actually (2003) 2h 15m. Dir. Richard Curtis. Love Actually represents Christmas guilty pleasure at its best. Best watched while loading up on mince pies, mulled wine, and avoiding eye contact with elderly relatives during the ersatz porno scenes. The wonderful thing about Love Actually … Continue reading Our Top 5 Christmas Films

St James Park Carol Service

The last week of term for any student usually involves a great deal of celebrating end of deadlines, not a lot of lecture attendance and a fervent attempt to cram as many Christmas related activities in as possible. It always seems surreal having to think Christmassy thoughts so early on in December but when you’re such a big a fan of the festive season as … Continue reading St James Park Carol Service

Bath Christmas Market

On Sunday, I had the exciting opportunity of visiting Bath with LitSoc. This gorgeous city is renowned for its Christmas market at this time of year, and its well worth a visit, with the cold, unpromising weather providing a suitably Christmassy atmosphere. The city appeared larger than Exeter, and the market certainly was – perhaps because it’s clustered all around the gigantic abbey. It stretched … Continue reading Bath Christmas Market

Everyone’s Christmas Is Different

Everyone has a very clear view on what Christmas should be like, but each person thinks differently. One person’s traditional Christmas seems completely wrong to someone else. It all boils down to that one word: tradition. So Razz asked its writers to tell us what Christmas is to you… Beth Evans Christmas in our house happens in a mad rush. With our family, life seems … Continue reading Everyone’s Christmas Is Different