A Man’s World? Women Snubbed Once Again at Golden Globe Awards

It’s that time of year again – the Golden Globe Awards. Now, in the film-making industry this should be a time for excitement and celebration. However, with the recent release of the Golden Globe nominations, it is clear that talented women behind the camera continue to find their creative voices silenced and their work undermined and shut out. It is nearly 2020, a new decade, and yet there are still no females nominated for Best Screenplay or for Best Direction Awards. Stacy Smith, the founder of USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiate stated that the Golden Globes is limited in its ‘lopsided view of talent that fosters the longevity of male directors over their female peers’. Hollywood is overwhelmingly a male sector, and with these nominations, it seems that the Golden Globes’ objective is to perpetuate that. Continue reading A Man’s World? Women Snubbed Once Again at Golden Globe Awards

Dealing with Period Pain

For as long as I can remember, my periods have hurt; less when they are regular, more when I am stressed, an almost intolerable amount when they are irregular AND I’m stressed. Before I discovered Feminax, which has been a lifesaver over the past couple of years and often the only thing that makes any difference at all, I carried out extensive research (both online and among my friends) to try and discover what the best methods for dealing with period pain are. For me, the most effective natural remedies turned out to be two principle things: heat (whether this be hot water bottles, sitting in the bath for extended periods of time, or sipping hot drinks) and distraction – usually in the form of some calming music or my favourite TV show. Now that I know what works for me – a combination of painkillers and preparation for when the pain does strike – I don’t dread my monthly cycle as much as I used to. Whatever your go-to solution is, or becomes, period pain should never stop you from getting on with your everyday life and if you start to find that it does, never be afraid to ask for help or be open about the issues it may be causing you. Continue reading Dealing with Period Pain

More Than Moustaches: Why Movember Matters

Now that the month is over, it feels like a good time to consider the scope of what the Movember movement is tackling in terms of men’s physical and mental health. First started in 2003 in Australia when four friends asked twenty-six others to ‘bring back the trend’ of growing moustaches, Movember has come a long way – raising £598 million over the last sixteen years. The annual event has become about more than just growing out your facial hair, with men and women across the globe raising awareness and money for this worthwhile cause. Continue reading More Than Moustaches: Why Movember Matters

Endometriosis: One in Ten

Endometriosis is a chronic pain condition that affects one in ten women in the UK. Whilst it has a severe impact on the health of millions, few know about its symptoms or impacts. The NHS website gives a description of the condition, “tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries” which causes pain and issues with fertility. It also states the causes of the condition are largely unexplained, and there is no known cure. Endometriosis UK states it affects 1.5 million women in the UK or 176 million women worldwide, the same number diagnosed with diabetes. One of the most startling statistics they give is the fact that it takes on average “7.5 years from onset of symptoms to get a diagnosis.” Continue reading Endometriosis: One in Ten

Your “Body Count” Doesn’t Define You

I was recently chatting to some guy I vaguely knew through mutual friends and social media – one of those very casual, getting-to-know-each-other, testing-the-waters kind of talks. “How are you finding your course?” “Are you up to anything fun this week?” Stuff like that. Then, out of nowhere, he asks how many people I’ve slept with. The conversation literally went something like: Continue reading Your “Body Count” Doesn’t Define You

Three Female Screenwriters to Watch 

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s recent success at the Emmys was testament to the power of female-written stories – we laughed and cried as Fleabag navigated her way through the world, often with devastatingly funny or heart-breaking results. But who else can we turn to for shows and films that engage us so powerfully? Here are 3 other women blazing a trail in screenwriting. 
Continue reading Three Female Screenwriters to Watch 

What does Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Success Mean for Women in TV?

After clearing up at the Emmy’s, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has secured her place as the Queen of Screenwriting, taking home not one, not two, but three Emmys, including the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. But what exactly does her success mean for women in the TV industry? Continue reading What does Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Success Mean for Women in TV?

Review: Booksmart

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is a fresh, female-led, spin on the coming of age tale. Arguably one of 2019’s best comedies, Booksmart demonstrates how being young can be a painful yet hilarious experience. By successfully blending tales of raucous adventures and responsibility, Booksmart illuminates the emotional pains associated with teenage friendship and the transition into adulthood. Continue reading Review: Booksmart

Preview: Reclaim The Frame Launch

In 2018 Birds’ Eye View launched the BFI-backed Reclaim The Frame project – a mission to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women, offering a wider perspective of the world. Birds’ Eye View is a charity whose focus for the last 16 years has been on raising the commercial and cultural impact of films written by or directed by women – demonstrating how varied the female gaze can be and celebrating the difference. Continue reading Preview: Reclaim The Frame Launch