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Review: I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel’s masterpiece deserves your attention.
Social media has been ablaze with rave reviews of Michaela Coel’s latest work for weeks. From the moment the first episode aired in early June, my Twitter feed was awash with people declaring it a masterpiece, and its creator ‘the new Phoebe Waller-Bridge’. My interest was piqued. Still, I was hesitant as I hit play, not quite sure whether the show would live up to my expectations. Fast-forward a couple of weeks and you’d find me lying on my floor, trying my best to contemplate what I’d just seen in the show’s finale. Subversive is too soft a word for the twisted, confusing, uncomfortable, incredible half hour I’d just experienced. I was fully ready to declare I May Destroy You a work of genius. Continue reading Review: I May Destroy You

Review: Elite

Elite is a Spanish teen crime drama that promises to be a clichéd high school murder mystery but is actually a gritty and culturally relevant drama. Teenage high school shows on Netflix have been getting worse and worse for a long time. This reached a peak in the musical episodes of Riverdale, and the predictable plots that run through every Netflix original. Comparatively, Elite feels like a breath of fresh air. Continue reading Review: Elite

So Scandi: Post-Exam Scandi Binges

Exams are over and summer has arrived! You’ve finally handed in that godawful essay on eBart, your favourite dress is back in the wardrobe now EGB has been and gone, and you’ve taken the obligatory rock photo. You are picturing yourself sipping a cool bottle of Devon red, warm paper-wrapped fish and chips bundled on your lap in Exmouth with the sun setting over the sea.

But this is the south west of England, so what about the inevitable not-so-sunny days?

Continue reading So Scandi: Post-Exam Scandi Binges