Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad

On the 11th of March the sun was shining in Aarhus and I’d spent the afternoon with my friend Taran, wandering around the deer park and being true Brits abroad eating fish and chips at Aarhus Street Food. It was a bitter-sweet afternoon, coming shortly after my friends and I had decided to cancel our upcoming travel plans to Vienna and Budapest, in the midst of what would soon become a global pandemic. Continue reading Coming Home: The Unexpected End to My Year Abroad

Tips on Saving for Summer

Managing finances is never easy, and it’s especially hard on a student budget, but as long as you’re careful and savvy, you can make sure you stay on track financially. This advice will hopefully mean you’re able to cut down on your spending, and increase your saving, so you can put some money towards whatever you’re saving for, be it a new car, a holiday, a new laptop… Continue reading Tips on Saving for Summer

Cheap Places to Escape To

Now we are nearing the end of February, those lighter evenings and bright days of Spring and Summer are tantalizingly close, yet somehow still seem just out of reach. Without the Christmas festivities or the challenges of New Year’s Resolutions as a distraction, February can end up feeling rather uninspiring, wintery and seemingly endless. But booking your next run-away trip can provide the perfect pick-me-up. … Continue reading Cheap Places to Escape To

Postcards from Abroad: Skopelos

This summer, I spent a week in Skopelos in Greece, known as the film location of Mamma Mia!. I went with my parents, which naturally meant taking advantage of not having to pay for anything. I’d soon convinced them to book an all-day Mamma Mia! island tour. Whilst my mum was excited by this prospect, it took the promise of a massive ice cream to convince my dad. The second we boarded the tour bus, which was packed with an assortment of enthusiastic and slightly sweaty tourists, I felt the first inkling of regret. It was 8:30am and ‘Dancing Queen’ was already blaring out of the speakers. I didn’t know it yet, but today would test my love of ABBA and Mamma Mia! to the limits. Continue reading Postcards from Abroad: Skopelos

Travelling After Graduation: Guatemala

If you are anything like me, instead of spending the past few months searching for graduate jobs, you have been planning your post-graduation travels. When the struggle of final year is over you will finally be free to have a break, forget everything and do the travelling you have been dreaming about all year. With so many amazing places to go, the thought of planning … Continue reading Travelling After Graduation: Guatemala

Top Travelling Tips

With the autumn term well underway and dreaded deadlines looming, dreaming of our summer getaways is the perfect escape! But not everyone is an experienced gap-year jet-setter, and for some of us travelling can be a daunting prospect. So, here are a few pieces of advice that will help your adventures run a bit more smoothly. Be Prepared Let’s get the practicalities out the way … Continue reading Top Travelling Tips

In Search of Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands

  I woke at six AM to the sound of sea lions grunting outside, their booms echoing across the deserted beach. It was time to catch my boat to Floreana Island, where I had planned to go diving in search of penguins and turtles. On the way to the ferry port, I was distracted by bright red lobsters, low-flying frigatebirds, and the occasional slow plodding Galapagos tortoise. … Continue reading In Search of Wildlife on the Galapagos Islands