Review: Theatre with Teeth’s Duet

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

For most, a railway waiting room is a fleeting moment, a brief pause on the way to a real destination. However, in Duet, the protagonist Josh (Finn Thornton) has no other destination. Every day he visits his station’s waiting room to play the piano as he waits to move on from his wife’s tragic death. In this touching play, James Murphy has crafted a script that explores the difficulties of grief, love, mental illness and friendship, in words that are able to move us both to tears and laughter. Continue reading Review: Theatre with Teeth’s Duet

Review: Fringe Preview-Theatre With Teeth’s ‘Mary’s Room’

Focused on the eponymous philosophical experiment of ‘Epiphenomenal Qualia’ – informally known as Mary’s Room – Amy White’s production is a fascinating exploration of the Human. When Professors Shelley and Cavendish build ‘Adam’, their first artificially created man, they stumble upon student Mary to test the extent of his humanity, and whether such machines can possess a soul. Through their unexpected friendship, Adam begins to show flaws that align with all the naturally “broken” parts of being a human.
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Review: Theatre with Teeth’s Jawbreaker Variety Night

Theatre with Teeth took over the Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 21st February for a night that promised music, comedy, spoken word and theatre – a showcase of Exeter’s talent. Auditions happened weeks ago and the successful performers represented the best that Exeter could offer. The evening did not disappoint in all that it promised. Priced at an ambitious but justified £10 per ticket, the evening was jam-packed with touching, funny, punchy and eclectic performances in all spheres of the arts. The evening was split between the auditorium, for performances with larger numbers, more sound technology and anticipating larger audiences, and the workshop, a small, brick-walled room with the feel of an underground Soho jazz bar. However, the audience numbers were equal, with people moving around the venue and piling up at the door of the workshop to get a glimpse.
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Review: Angelus

Over recent weeks, it’s been difficult to miss the publicity for Theatre with Teeth’s Angelus. After all, what person, seeing the image of the noose on that blood-red background, wouldn’t be intrigued to know what the play is about? With a few more clicks, you find out what is promised; a “splitting new play that deals with loss, morality, and the pursuit of redemption”, written by Patrick Swain. Judging by the size of the audience at the opening performance, I was certainly not the only person to be curious about this new “dark comedy”. Continue reading Review: Angelus

Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Theatre with Teeth’s latest production Sealed is a tale with all the intrigue of a classic whodunit and all the laughs of a decent pre-drinks…albeit a pre’s with seven strangers and a rather impressive age range. The seven receive letters summoning them to a certain place at a certain time. Upon arrival they’re left to their own devices with no sign of the host and … Continue reading Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Review: Withnail & I

I was fortunate enough to secure a seat for the latest Theatre with Teeth production of Withnail and I, the cult classic black comedy about two failed actors struggling through life in 1969 with the aid of alcohol, cigarettes and intellectual pretentions. Admittedly, the seat was rather an uncomfortable one, as I gate-crashed the dress rehearsal in a Queens lecture theatre, with rather harsh lighting … Continue reading Review: Withnail & I