Review: Amber Run @ The Lemon Grove

Arriving at the Lemon Grove just before the doors opened, I was a little surprised to see a relatively large queue. Whilst Amber Run’s lively sounds have, undeniably, brought them success, they are perhaps still on the fringes of mainstream indie and are yet to enter the realm of such names as The Arctic Monkeys or The 1975. But it seems Amber Run have some particularly devoted fans, as would become more apparent as the evening went on. Continue reading Review: Amber Run @ The Lemon Grove

Review: My Fair Lady

Footlights, Exeter’s musical theatre society, are well-known for their high-budget, high-ambition productions. Shows like The Producers, Singin’ in the Rain and Gypsy, were tantalising visual spectacles, true to the Broadway musical genre. So it was intriguing to see their production of My Fair Lady which, unlike their other recent plays, was performed at the smaller Lemon Grove. This allowed the cast and production team to … Continue reading Review: My Fair Lady

Review: Deaf Havana @ The Lemon Grove

Norfolk rock band, Deaf Havana, played the last of their thirteen UK tour dates in our very own The Lemon Grove on Saturday 25th November, before jetting off to spend the next few weeks touring Germany. With recently reworked versions of songs taken from their fourth album, All These Countless Nights, which was released in January of this year and topped the UK Independent Albums … Continue reading Review: Deaf Havana @ The Lemon Grove

Preview: Newton Faulkner @ The Lemon Grove

Newton Faulkner, the singer-songwriter from Surrey, is probably best known for his iconic fiery dreadlocks and his laid-back acoustic style. Once pegged the “Jack Johnson of the UK”, it’s difficult to believe it’s been a whopping ten years since he came onto the UK music scene, capturing a generation of folk-pop lovers and topping the charts with his debut album Hand Built by Robots, which … Continue reading Preview: Newton Faulkner @ The Lemon Grove

Review: Blossoms at The Lemon Grove 21/03/17

I’ll admit I was surprised to hear that Blossoms, a band I (among many others, critics and fans alike) consider be one of the most talented upcoming bands of the moment, were set to play at the Lemon Grove. A band for whom I had travelled to see multiple times before was playing right on my doorstep! After arriving slightly late, the room was packed, … Continue reading Review: Blossoms at The Lemon Grove 21/03/17