Five Up-and-Coming Designers To Know About

With Fashion Month at its end, it has been interesting to see innovations in the world of fashion. Despite the focus on bigger, well-known designers, we should also consider the designers that may not be as popular but should definitely be on our radar for the future. These designers manage to incorporate artistry and social issues, such as sustainability, identity, race and sexuality, within their work. In doing so, they are creating unique and personal pieces that set them apart from other mainstream designers and high-end fashion brands. Continue reading Five Up-and-Coming Designers To Know About

Exeter Uni Takes on The Mullet

Mullets originally became popular in the 80s with people seeking a “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. However, in the 90s there was a decline of people wanting to rock the mullet, leaving it in the gutter completely in the noughties, with no one particularly keen to jump on the mullet bandwagon. Today, the style is making a comeback. Continue reading Exeter Uni Takes on The Mullet

Bookstagram: Is There Purpose Behind the Pictures?

Say Instagram, and the first things that comes to mind are the influencers, advertisements and ‘perfect’ body aspirations. Yet, there is a new emerging corner that combines our aesthetically obsessed culture with the art of reading: bookstagram. Bookstagram is a relatively recent phenomenon which refers to accounts creating weird and wonderful displays of books they are reading and enjoying surrounded by an assortment of objects such as candles, feathers and the odd cup of artisan coffee. However, is this new facet of Instagram really worth your time? Continue reading Bookstagram: Is There Purpose Behind the Pictures?

Get the Look for Less: Suits You!

A suit has long been a powerful emblem in a woman’s wardrobe. From Coco Chanel shaping the modern woman in 1914, to 1966 when Yves Saint Laurent developed le smoking, the first tuxedo deigned for women. Throughout the 20th Century, the suit adapted itself to the women of the time, and now, its moment has come around again. The streets are lined with women in … Continue reading Get the Look for Less: Suits You!

To VB or Not To VB?

Once upon a time she was Posh Spice and rather ridiculed for her mediocre attempts at a solo career.  Now her name is said in the same breath as such world-renowned designers as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.  She’s the ultimate poster girl for achieving your dreams despite the raised eyebrows and sniggers of others. I’ve been a Victoria Beckham fan ever since Father Christmas brought me … Continue reading To VB or Not To VB?

The Secret History of Women and Tattoo

Since ridiculously awful tattoos have been in the news recently, I thought I’d take a look at some ladies who have paved the way for tattoo artistry for women, and are much cooler that One Direction. Even though the photo of Maud Wagner (middle) was taken over a hundred years ago, I don’t think she’d be out of place in a Camden tattoo parlour today.   “Olive Oatman, … Continue reading The Secret History of Women and Tattoo

The Lo-Fi Lowdown

Every year without fail, fashion editors descend upon London, Paris and Milan for the latest Spring Summer collections. Within days their magazine layouts showcase looks that are instantly covetable… and notoriously difficult to reproduce! This year has been no exception with the fashion press backing lo-fi fashion for Summer 2013. Lo-Fi celebrates a minimal, no-nonsense approach to dressing, which has previously appeared in music as a standalone, stripped-back genre … Continue reading The Lo-Fi Lowdown

Out of your League

The fashion industry’s stance on cutting edge style immediately conjures up images of trailblazing designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and the late (great) Alexander McQueen. Many designers, from Jil Sander to Junya Watanabe, spend their illustrious – and often notorious – careers championing the individual and his need for extreme self-expression. One would be mistaken, however, to limit such courageous style within the confines of anti-establishment rebellion and the realms … Continue reading Out of your League

Monsieur Déficit

At the height of her reign, Marie Antoinette’s subjects gave the doomed queen a particularly sardonic title: Madame Déficit, a moniker that would eventually haunt her to the guillotine with its cutting reference to her hedonistic spending and debauched lifestyle. Her namesake is especially significant this week following the release of the musical saga, Les Miserables, which documents the plight of those very subjects during the French Revolution. However, one … Continue reading Monsieur Déficit