StudyTube: Pens, Post-its and Productivity

If you’re watching a bullet journal tour, an exam season daily routine, or an 8-hour long study with me livestream, you’ve probably stumbled upon StudyTube. This corner of YouTube has been gaining traction for years, with key figures such as Jack Edwards, Exeter’s own Ruby Granger, and Eve Bennett achieving high subscriber rates and millions of views. Continue reading StudyTube: Pens, Post-its and Productivity

Off-Campus Study Spaces

Exam season is looming over us already, and with deadlines creeping closer it means that the library is always jam–packed with stressed students trying to cram their minds with vital information. Unless you manage to get to the library at the break of dawn it is nearly impossible to get a seat. However, it is not just the library; pretty much every square inch of campus is full of students, leaving people at a loss to find revision space. For some, it is easier to revise outside of the home environment as there are fewer distractions. Therefore, I have comprised a list of the best off – campus study spaces Exeter has to offer. Continue reading Off-Campus Study Spaces

Tips for a 2nd (chance) 1st

With deferred and referred exams rearing their ugly heads, some people are probably panic reading their notes whilst attempting to work out what that lecturer said way back in October, and trying to decipher their incomprehensible post-Arena handwriting. Well if this sounds familiar, here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions which have helped me to get through exams and may help you to: 1. do a … Continue reading Tips for a 2nd (chance) 1st