Love in the Time of Corona

They say the first few months of a new relationship is the getting to know one another phase, the honeymoon phase, the we’re going to stay together forever stage. It is a blissful beginning decorated in dates and coloured in clichés. What is not expected, advisable or even preferable is to start a relationship when a national pandemic is declared. Continue reading Love in the Time of Corona

Review: RAMM Lates

Last Friday night I went to the RAMM for just the second time since I’ve lived in Exeter. As an English student and exhibition lover, I find it strange that there is such a valuable resource in the centre of town that I have never used. The RAMM Lates event highlighted the fact that the RAMM is a great resource that has real relevance to the student community. Museums allow us to experience culture up close and without the filter of computer screens that we have become accustomed to. After learning about Native American culture and history last term I found it eye-opening to be able to see firsthand authentic artefacts – such as traditional clothing and weapons – from Native American culture. So surely this is a resource we should all be using more often? Continue reading Review: RAMM Lates

Food Waste Fixes

Research by the government-run organisation WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) estimates that 9.5 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK every year and figures indicate that 70% of this waste is household waste which amounts to billions of unnecessary costs! Food production is also responsible for a considerable volume of carbon emissions. Therefore, food waste is costing us money and the future of our planet. Here are some simple solutions and recipes to help you reduce your household food waste. Continue reading Food Waste Fixes

Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef

There is something about a roast that demands an occasion. It also happens to be nice and simple. For what ultimately is it other than a lump of meat (or veg for that matter) whacked in a hot oven for some time? So with a little dressing up, a roast makes an impressive, but manageable dinner party main course. A topside of beef provides a sizeable cut of meat that is not too pricey, around which you can plan what ever veg is to hand, on sale or in season.  Continue reading Dinner Party Recipe: Roast Beef

The Reality of Being in a Relationship as an International Student

When I left Exeter to go home for the summer, I felt anxious. I was leaving my boyfriend behind (who I wouldn’t see for three months), not knowing what will happen between us. The thought of being continents apart – with no way of seeing each other, relying completely on social media to sustain our relationship – scared me. Though we made it work, being in a relationship at university as an international student comes with many challenges. Continue reading The Reality of Being in a Relationship as an International Student

The Only Test You Want To Fail: A Guide to STI Appointments

If your sex education was anything like mine at school, you were probably left feeling clueless. My knowledge of STIs was so limited. I basically just thought if I had funny discharge or an itchy vagina, then I needed to panic. The only thing I did learn was that it’s never a solution to ignore the situation entirely. It’s always better to get checked and know what you might be dealing with. Anything is better than trying to self-diagnose on the internet and convincing yourself you’re dying from some obscure fungal infection. Continue reading The Only Test You Want To Fail: A Guide to STI Appointments

How To Survive Dry January

Every year, the population try to commit themselves to all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, but one in particular which has taken Britain by storm is the pledge of Dry January. As I am sure you are already aware, Dry January entails the complete avoidance of alcohol commencing 1st January until the end of the month. Alcohol UK set up the campaign for Dry January … Continue reading How To Survive Dry January

A  Hyggelig Christmas: Celebrate the festive season the Danish way!

3 ways to hygge up your Christmas and celebrate the festive season the Danish way! As I cycle through Copenhagen on my route home from classes I start to realise that Denmark is the place to be at Christmas. On my rides to and from University in the city, I have keenly observed the steady construction of markets and the putting-up of the Christmas lights … Continue reading A  Hyggelig Christmas: Celebrate the festive season the Danish way!