Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

Exeter Comedy Society has hilariously satirised the dismal state of society during the pandemic in their new online sketch, Is This Thing Still On?, complete with pedantic ‘Karen’ neighbours, domestic drama and the typically dysfunctional Zoom seminar. I will do my best to highlight some of my favourite sketches without spoiling too much of the show. I definitely recommend giving it a watch as, to be honest, what else could you possibly be doing in tier 3, (if by some miracle you are not, I have nothing but contempt for you) other than feeling guilty about ignoring University work. Continue reading Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

A Crash Course in ‘Funny’

I recently made the rather rash decision of agreeing to perform a stand-up comedy set for a Comic Relief night, a decision I have at times regretted and at others considered a stroke of genius. It wasn’t a decision completely out of the blue; I’ve been writing comedy for the stage for several years now, and since I came to Exeter in September I’ve continued with … Continue reading A Crash Course in ‘Funny’

Tim McNiven ‘Emasculated’

Razz My Berries sent writer Louie to check out what’s what with Exeter’s answer to student comedy… “It made me feel so good about my life”, one punter told Tim after a gig. Although bluntly put, this is kind of the point of Tim McNiven’s stand up show Emasculated: to speak about the unspeakably embarrassing social, sexual and sometimes familial experiences that most (note the … Continue reading Tim McNiven ‘Emasculated’