‘The English Pear’ Pizzas

We’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like pizza – it’s so comforting, versatile and fun to make that we can’t ever imagine getting bored of it. Here we’ve used a BBC Good Food recipe for the pizza base dough (we’re not bread masters, sorry) and then came up with a couple of yummy toppings for you. A pizza and prosecco night would be the perfect … Continue reading ‘The English Pear’ Pizzas

The English Pear: Sweet Potato and Mixed Bean Veggie Chilli

With freshers week upon us, we’ve put together some staple recipes to get you through the term. Whether you’re a first year just finding your way around the kitchen and need a little bit of help, or a final year student looking for some new recipes to cook with friends then these are great for you too. We hope you like them and wish everyone a good start to term! Continue reading The English Pear: Sweet Potato and Mixed Bean Veggie Chilli

Tips on Saving for Summer

Managing finances is never easy, and it’s especially hard on a student budget, but as long as you’re careful and savvy, you can make sure you stay on track financially. This advice will hopefully mean you’re able to cut down on your spending, and increase your saving, so you can put some money towards whatever you’re saving for, be it a new car, a holiday, a new laptop… Continue reading Tips on Saving for Summer

Christmas Presents on a Student Budget

I’m sorry, the old Santa can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because he’s broke. We all know the feeling. The September student loan has nearly been depleted. The Black Friday offers seemed to have everything you had been holding out to buy. The money from the part-time job has mysteriously been spent on food (and maybe alcohol depending on how your month has … Continue reading Christmas Presents on a Student Budget

Veganism on a Budget

Our favourite spider-man Toby McGuire, performing sensation Beyoncé, Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis and heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson; what do all these people have in common? Yes, they are celebrities. They are attractive and get physically fitter as the list goes on. Most unexpectedly, they are on that plant-life, good-life vegan diet. Oh yeah, and they are all stinking rich. Now living a satisfyingly … Continue reading Veganism on a Budget

Recreating Balmain for H&M on a Student Budget

When it comes to high street shops collaborating with big name designers, I’ve always been a fan of H&M’s offerings. From Alexander Wang to Versace, H&M consistently teams up with high profile and accomplished brands to create show-stopping designs. Any fans of fashion will probably have seen by now that photos of Balmain’s newest collection for H&M have been released online. It looks particularly impressive; … Continue reading Recreating Balmain for H&M on a Student Budget