My Culture Comforts: Saturn Returns with Caggie

Whilst I know astrology might not be for everyone, I cannot recommend the podcast Saturn Returns with Caggie enough. This enlightening podcast aims to bring clarity to listeners during challenging or transitional periods, which I am sure we can all agree is particularly needed in our current climate. With her therapeutically calming voice, Caggie Dunlop offers lessons and advice on a range of subjects from sex and relationships to identity and purpose, and even broaches the topic of witchcraft. At first, some episodes might seem a bit far-fetched. However, with the help of her guests and her astrological expert, I’ve found that at least one lesson can be taken away from each episode in a bid to further our individual quests for authenticity. Continue reading My Culture Comforts: Saturn Returns with Caggie

The Best Podcasts for Lockdown Listening

Lockdown is boring. It really is. One can only bake so much banana bread and tolerate so many Zoom quizzes. Therefore, the question of 2020 has become: ‘what shall I do now?’
Solution: Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to fill the hours because you can listen to them whilst you do other things, such as run, take a bath, or bake the tenth banana bread of the day. Below is a selection of some of my all-time favourite podcasts: Continue reading The Best Podcasts for Lockdown Listening

Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

I wasn’t familiar with Cornish band A Blaze of Feather until my interview with band member Mickey Smith, but I’m glad I’ve made this discovery. It’s refreshing. The new album LABYRINTH is strong as a whole, but for me the highlight is the titular track ‘Labyrinth’. This single is likely to be popular with a lot of fans of indie music. Smith’s vocals are unique – calming but with a sense of power. The guitar is catchy and works especially well with the chorus. The instrumentation as a whole is extremely effective. Continue reading Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

My Favourite Album Covers: From Pre-teen Pop to Peach Pit

For me, the best album covers will always be the ones that perfectly encapsulate the music they contain, showing you how the album is going to make you feel or what it’s trying to say before you’ve heard the opening notes. In fact, the best albums, in my opinion, are the ones that have a unifying emotion or sentiment that you feel in every single one of its songs. After trawling through my saved Spotify albums, though, I quickly realised that not all these great albums have the best covers, nor do the best covers belong to the best albums. Continue reading My Favourite Album Covers: From Pre-teen Pop to Peach Pit

My Quarantine Playlist: Morning Bops

What are mornings? What is time? Should I bother getting out of bed, or have I fused with my duvet? If, like me, you’re finding mornings a little pointless and frankly insulting, here are some chilled out motivational tracks. Not so upbeat that you’ll feel ready to run that 5k your mate just tagged you in, but gently rousing. Songs to make toast to.     Continue reading My Quarantine Playlist: Morning Bops

EJ Plays: You Don’t Own Me

If you’ve grown sick with disappointment, disillusionment, and anger created by the deluge of unacceptable behaviour from the political and (pseudo-)talented elite, then I might have just the remedy for you… Although intended to be used for short-term relief, full playlist intake is recommended at height of: Indignation, Inertia, Inferiority, General bewilderment, All of the above. The structure of the playlist intends to, firstly, indulge … Continue reading EJ Plays: You Don’t Own Me