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The Life Chronicles: ‘Blinkers’

Angie was slow my mother used to say. She told me she was ‘out of it’, and needed Adderall to help her focus. I was the younger daughter, by five years, so this gave me an internal feeling of superiority. I used to get called bright in comparison. I was naturally focused, but Angie didn’t seem to envy me, so she resisted the prescriptions my mother pushed for. Continue reading The Life Chronicles: ‘Blinkers’

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Riptide Launch

The chic thrum of music melted into the night air as I arrived outside The Custom House next to the dark and shining quay for the Riptide launch party. I slipped through the peeling blue doors and up the staircase, to find myself in a throng of writers and people working for the journal. There was a congenial atmosphere as people milled about with glasses of wine, mingling against the constant murmur of voices sounding next to the loud, yet relaxing tunes which came from the musicians in the room before me. Continue reading Riptide Launch

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“A Better Place”

As I stand at the edge of this rooftop, looking down on the place I once considered home, I begin to feel the irreversibility of what I am about to do. There are no second chances where I’m going. It is nearly time now; I am on my last cigarette. Inhale, exhale – like it is my oxygen supply. My lungs burn with each drag and the dizziness in my head is overwhelming, but I can’t bring myself to care. The things we worry about while we are alive just don’t seem as important when you know you are about to die. Smoking Kills. But so does everything: isn’t that the point? Continue reading “A Better Place”

Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story

Last summer, four of my best friends and I went to the seaside town of Paignton for our summer holiday, hoping it would be the perfect way to recover from the stress of our recent A Levels. Organising it all months in advance meant we had nothing to think about; we were renting a beautiful self-catered apartment within walking distance of the beach, and the … Continue reading Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story

The Rave and the Wage

Razz writer, Ryan Thompson, goes against the grain with this short story… The policeman stopped the car, and administered a breathalyser. It was clear; so he sent a Ford Fiesta crammed with five early twentysomething males on their way. Their bleary red eyes couldn’t believe it. Technology still wouldn’t detect their illicit habit – even in 1992! It was raining as we talked, and his … Continue reading The Rave and the Wage

Natural Disaster

Razz writer Krissi Hill mixes it up a little bit with some creative writing about the imagined aftermath of Hurricane Sandy… The tall palm trees blur into one as we rush past their rare and imposing presence. The majority have been chopped down to build huts and god knows what else, boats probably. That’s all they have here. The land, the goats and the sea. A lonely life for … Continue reading Natural Disaster