Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story

Last summer, four of my best friends and I went to the seaside town of Paignton for our summer holiday, hoping it would be the perfect way to recover from the stress of our recent A Levels. Organising it all months in advance meant we had nothing to think about; we were renting a beautiful self-catered apartment within walking distance of the beach, and the … Continue reading Holiday from Hell! – A Short Story

The Rave and the Wage

Razz writer, Ryan Thompson, goes against the grain with this short story… The policeman stopped the car, and administered a breathalyser. It was clear; so he sent a Ford Fiesta crammed with five early twentysomething males on their way. Their bleary red eyes couldn’t believe it. Technology still wouldn’t detect their illicit habit – even in 1992! It was raining as we talked, and his … Continue reading The Rave and the Wage

Natural Disaster

Razz writer Krissi Hill mixes it up a little bit with some creative writing about the imagined aftermath of Hurricane Sandy… The tall palm trees blur into one as we rush past their rare and imposing presence. The majority have been chopped down to build huts and god knows what else, boats probably. That’s all they have here. The land, the goats and the sea. A lonely life for … Continue reading Natural Disaster