Stop Fetishising My Sexuality

Many of those who identify as bisexual will be intimately familiar with the stigma and fetishisation that comes hand in hand with our sexual identity. Whether you are out to friends and family or not, the world cannot seem to end its fixation with bisexuality, and specifically bisexual womxn. For many mxn, a bisexual womxn is the gateway to a fantasy land of hypersexuality where anything goes. But how did we end up here? Continue reading Stop Fetishising My Sexuality

“6ft and Over”: Does it Really Matter?

It has become a recurring joke that women will only date men over 6ft. But are women really that bothered about height? Or has the media and dating apps programmed us to be that shallow? The concept of women being supposedly “preoccupied” with height got me thinking and certainly opened up a multitude of questions. Continue reading “6ft and Over”: Does it Really Matter?

The Business of Patriarchal Passion: How the Porn Industry has let Women Down

Womxn and the pornography industry have always had a tumultuous relationship as both consumers and active participants in the creation of videos. It is no secret that womxn masturbate, but society treats it like the biggest secret since the illuminati. As sexually active people, those who identify as womxn seem to face stigma at every turn. Whether it is the act of masturbation or having … Continue reading The Business of Patriarchal Passion: How the Porn Industry has let Women Down

It’s a Sin: Depicting HIV/AIDS On-Screen

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in December 2019, there have been three vaccines approved for use in the UK. It was labelled as a pandemic by WHO on Wednesday 11 March 2020, just over five months later. A disease as high profile and universally affecting as COVID-19 has received masses of the attention and funding that it requires to tackle the virus. To date, the pandemic has claimed over 2.3 million lives. Continue reading It’s a Sin: Depicting HIV/AIDS On-Screen

Discreet under the Sheets

Enthralled with journalistic spirit, I initially took this article up in the hopes of getting Exeter-wide data about the trials and tribulations of discreet sex in lockdown. My ambitious naivety led me to set up a questionnaire on ‘Overheard in Exeter’, hoping that amongst the thousands of students I would receive hundreds of responses detailing personal experiences. In reality, only nine people responded. To add … Continue reading Discreet under the Sheets