Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

During RAZZ’s SHAG Week (Sexual Health and Guidance week), online deputy editor, Holly McSweeney had the wonderful opportunity to interview Campaign Manager Abigail Hartshorn and Publicity Officer Emily Black from the anti-sexual harassment campaign Recognise Red as an extension of our recent collaboration. Their discussion covered the origins of the campaign and getting it off the ground, the incredible work it does to sustain engaged discussion surrounding sexual harassment and the main challenges faced within that goal. One thing that seemed to come up across the conversations was the challenge of  making specific positive change on the Exeter campuses while remaining connected to broader national and international movements too. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

Sexual Harassment in The Post #MeToo Age: RAZZ x Recognise Red

-Trigger Warning-

Recognise Red, who are we?

So, who are Recognise Red? We are a team of students who stand behind the anti-sexual harassment campaign at The University of Exeter. We advocate an inclusive form of activism, in which we aim to educate and raise awareness about the forms of harassment, how to combat them, and where to seek support after traumatic events. The focal point of our message being, RED: Recognise, Engage, Discuss. Some examples of our campaigning within the university include the guest speaker Gina Martin’s appearance last year, our collaboration with MWEXE discussing harassment in Westminster, our info-graphic posters on social media and in clubs, as well as our upcoming podcast Recognise Red Presents #Discuss. Continue reading Sexual Harassment in The Post #MeToo Age: RAZZ x Recognise Red