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Secondary School and Sexual Harassment

I would like to start by stating that this article is not intended to be my personal vents about not fitting in, nor a brandishing attack on my secondary school. I have interviewed three different people to help with this article: one boy from an independent school for boys and two girls who also went to single-sex schools. I have spoken to countless other individuals, all in the hope of better understanding the issue of teenage sexual assault and trying to find a solution. Continue reading Secondary School and Sexual Harassment

Is Vanilla the New Frigid: TikTok and Coercion

Is ‘Vanilla’ the new ‘Frigid’? Having now been on TikTok for a while I was unsurprised when a section of the app called KinkTok or FreakTok came under fire in a recent VICE article by Lucy Robinson, and 19-year old Lily, interviewed for the piece, made this link between the terms. This thriving subculture on the app may have originally started as a safe place for the Kink community to share experiences and tips but it has recently been overrun with some very problematic and even dangerous content. Some of the top videos in this community often cover knife play, choking and rough sex of all levels and there have been frequent instances of the term ‘Vanilla’ being used as an insult. This term may not be familiar to those not in the kink community or in the younger generations, but we will all be familiar with the insult ‘Frigid’, a fan favourite of secondary school boys everywhere. But really, what is wrong with liking non-kinky sex? Continue reading Is Vanilla the New Frigid: TikTok and Coercion

Consent Education in School: Where the Improvements Need to be Made

Recently, I came across a post about domestic abuse on Instagram. One comment was posted by a woman who bravely opened up about her experience with rape and coercion in a past relationship. In response, another commenter bluntly told her that her experience ‘didn’t count’ as rape, because she was coerced, not violently forced. This basic lack of understanding, as well as respect for the survivor, astounded me. Not only did this commenter not understand that coercion can absolutely constitute rape, they also invalidated the woman’s experience. Even for a comment left by an anonymous Instagram account, this exchange struck me as hugely disheartening. Continue reading Consent Education in School: Where the Improvements Need to be Made

Education in Isolation

*written before the latest government announcement* I am sure that anyone reading this will have already been bombarded with statistics and horror stories about students in halls – everything from being forced to eat cold suppers day after day and being barred from any form of human contact or communication. So, I will do my best not to devalue some of the quite horrific situations … Continue reading Education in Isolation

Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

During RAZZ’s SHAG Week (Sexual Health and Guidance week), online deputy editor, Holly McSweeney had the wonderful opportunity to interview Campaign Manager Abigail Hartshorn and Publicity Officer Emily Black from the anti-sexual harassment campaign Recognise Red as an extension of our recent collaboration. Their discussion covered the origins of the campaign and getting it off the ground, the incredible work it does to sustain engaged discussion surrounding sexual harassment and the main challenges faced within that goal. One thing that seemed to come up across the conversations was the challenge of  making specific positive change on the Exeter campuses while remaining connected to broader national and international movements too. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

Porn: Should We ‘Fight The New Drug’?

‘Fight the New Drug’ is an organisation that exists to raise awareness of the harmful effects of porn, supported by science, facts and personal accounts. The website contains short videos explaining how porn affects the brain, relationships and society, as well as promoting t-shirts that read ‘porn kills love’ and articles titled ‘10 reasons why you should (not) be cool with your partner watching porn’. Although members of the group say that they do not seek to ban pornography but rather ‘influence young people to make an informed decision’, the message of the site is clear – porn must be avoided at all costs. But the internet is not going away and neither is the availability of porn. So, is ‘fighting’ this ‘new drug’ really the answer? Continue reading Porn: Should We ‘Fight The New Drug’?