Lessons in Love

Sometimes, I don’t tell people I love them enough, or at all. If anything, I tell the wrong people I love them. I tell the people who don’t love me back or who have a curious and cruel concept of love. I mostly find myself proclaiming the infamous ‘L-word’ when I’m infused with gin and have smudged mascara because I am surrounded by those who … Continue reading Lessons in Love

Compassion and Self-Care: Considering Friendship as Emotional Labour

When Melissa A. Fabello’s Twitter thread went viral, I understood the criticism. Fabello’s Tweets suggested that you should ask friends if they have the capacity to support you in times of emotional difficulty and provided a script for those who didn’t. The proposed response lacked empathy and sounded particularly clinical. However, the sentiment behind the message resonated with me. Although there is an essential level of effort involved in maintaining friendships, everyone has a limit to how much they can handle. Ultimately when you reach capacity, emotional support becomes performative and damaging to your own self-care. Continue reading Compassion and Self-Care: Considering Friendship as Emotional Labour

Social Media and the Dieting Industry

After publicly criticising the Kardashians and Cardi B for their marketing of dieting and detox industry products, Jameela Jamil describes Instagram’s newest policy as a “huge step” in the fight against this content. Part of her “i Weigh” movement expresses her views against content promoting weight loss products and unhealthy lifestyles, solidifying her approval of the new policy that takes a further step towards creating a safer and healthier social media environment. However, how much can the new policy help facilitate this, and is there more that should be done? Continue reading Social Media and the Dieting Industry

Loving Your Own Company This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be perceived by many cynics as an Americanised, capitalist scam which profits off the romanticised ideology that you are incomplete without a (usually heterosexual) relationship. While it is about appreciating the loved ones in your life, and shouldn’t entirely be focused on romance, it does support the prevailing idea promoted in society that individually you need The One to make you whole, that your worth relies on the value that others give you. However, this is simply untrue: you are whole enough, and it is important to be equally in love with the idea of being single, as it is to desire a relationship. Continue reading Loving Your Own Company This Valentine’s Day