Strictly Students, Princesshay 2018

Strictly Students, Princesshay, 2 October 2018 For one night only on Tuesday 2nd October, Princesshay opens its doors exclusively to students for an evening of live music, giveaways, beauty and up to 25% off the best brands. Between 6.30pm and 9.30pm, Princesshay will be in party mode with DJ sets and live music from local favourites such as Adam Moran, Leigh Coleman and Richard James … Continue reading Strictly Students, Princesshay 2018

post-festive shopping: it’s no plain SALEin’

If there’s one thing I hate more than sales, it has to be the Christmas sales. In the aftermath of the festive season, even the most respectable shops are reduced to looking like a Primark explosion. Keen shoppers must elbow their way through a jungle of rails and makeshift aisles, avoiding the bedraggled items scattered haphazardly across the floor, all in the hope of finding … Continue reading post-festive shopping: it’s no plain SALEin’