Winter Poetry Collection

Here is a collection of poetry written by students at the University of Exeter, all inspired by the theme of ‘winter’. Thank you to the Dead Poet’s Society for a lot of these contributions. This is in addition to the two poems selected in our print magazine which were Bebe Ashley’s “the water will take me” and “John” by Mohammed Patel. You can view them … Continue reading Winter Poetry Collection

Review: Godspell – 4.5/5 stars

I challenge you to find a greater irony than that of watching a biblical show, telling tales of love and repentance, inside of The Lemmy. I must admit straight off that I had my reservations about this musical. I questioned the extent to which I could be immersed into a story that was a) performed in the setting of our student club and b) about … Continue reading Review: Godspell – 4.5/5 stars

Review: May-We-Go-Round?

The Hiccup Project, a new theatre and dance company founded by real-life best friends Cristina MacKerron and Chess Dillon-Reams, brought their debut piece May-we-go-round? to the Exeter Phoenix last Tuesday. Cristina and Chess first met at school and growing up together they have experienced everything from first loves to heartbreaks. After finding an old diary recording Chess’s love life from when they were 10 years … Continue reading Review: May-We-Go-Round?

Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

With the Christmas party season on the horizon, there’s never been a greater excuse to pile on the sparkles and sequins. Below are 8 dresses (and jumpsuits) that exude a little Christmas joy without being excessively garish. 1. This sparkly sequined dress would be ideal for glamorous evening cocktail parties. In terms of accompanying accessories, think chunky black heels, minimalistic jewellery (let the dress do … Continue reading Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

Woman in Black – The Northcott Theatre

27 Years on, The Woman in Black continues to terrify audiences today. On Monday 14th November 2016, The Woman in Black had its first performance at Exeter Northcott Theatre. As school kids and families alike waited outside in the foyer and café, there was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. Whether they had heard of the show’s previous reviews or had been … Continue reading Woman in Black – The Northcott Theatre

The Glorious Art House- 2 Year Anniversary

Established two years ago, The Glorious Art House continues to impress as a quirky and vibrant cafe, tucked away at the bottom of Fore Street. Adding a bold splash of colour to the road with its carnivalesque outside design, it immediately draws passersby in with its originality. As you walk through the doors, the amount of artistic detail and effort put into the decor is … Continue reading The Glorious Art House- 2 Year Anniversary