Beer Gardens: A Place to Fear?

Since lockdown restrictions have been lifted, I’ve been making the most of socialising with my friends, whether it be a walk through the countryside, a takeaway or meal out, or, of course, a drink at one of my local pubs. Although I’ve heard bad things about some pubs in my area and across the country as a whole, I’ve only had fairly positive experiences in regards to social distancing. I’m happy to be able to get out to pubs again, as long as I feel reassured that they are definitely safe and socially distant. Continue reading Beer Gardens: A Place to Fear?

The Best Pubs in Exeter

Despite its limited nightlife, Exeter has a wide-range of pubs that are suited for all occasions, whether it be pre-drinks, tasty food or simply a few evening pints. Although difficult to choose, I’ve narrowed it down into a list of my five favourite pubs which are all definitely worth a visit during your time in Exeter. The Old Firehouse While it may seem an obvious … Continue reading The Best Pubs in Exeter