Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Poltimore Festival 2018, the annual arts and music festival held just outside of Exeter, celebrated its eighth birthday with its most successful event to date at the eponymous aristocratic house on Sunday 27th May. All funds raised from the day, including ticket sales and 30% of the profit from the catering stalls, went towards The Poltimore House Trust whose aim is to renovate the crumbling … Continue reading Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Review: Poltimore Festival 2017

Set in and around the historic Poltimore house, this student run festival was billed as Devon’s own ‘Glastonbury’, and whilst we may not have been kitted out in wellies and living in messy tents, the festival certainly did not fail to deliver in terms of music, art and culture. Early in the day we happily wandered round the site, taking in all the stages and … Continue reading Review: Poltimore Festival 2017

Poltimore Headline Announced: Matthew and the Atlas

It’s been slowly dawning on the horizon for a few moths now. Despite the electric Poltimore Launch in January headlined by Private Agenda and the amazing musical line-up announcement just a few weeks ago, featuring artists such as Delmer Darion and The Little Unsaid, there’s been an announcement that we’ve all been waiting for – who will headline this year’s festival, consistently publicised as the … Continue reading Poltimore Headline Announced: Matthew and the Atlas

Preview: Poltimore Festival, Exeter

Sunday 5th June 2016, Poltimore House Celebrating its first year under a new name, Poltimore Festival (formerly named Arts On The Move) is back, and looks set to be its best year yet. Poltimore House, an aristocratic house which once was a girls school, a wartime home and a hospital, provides the backdrop to the diverse plethora of music, film, theatre, comedy and arts that Poltimore promises. … Continue reading Preview: Poltimore Festival, Exeter