ZERO: Exeter’s Progress Towards Zero-Waste

Although we as a planet have always been aware of our waste output, in recent years the crippling truth and responsibility have become a reality for individuals. Consumers are becoming more educated about what products are made from and their impacts. In the media we are quick to highlight the high quantity of plastic items used at home, single-use plastic packaging in stores and the waste produced by fast fashion. Yet, because these things are such a regular part of our lives, it seems almost alien to consider a life without them. Continue reading ZERO: Exeter’s Progress Towards Zero-Waste

Notes on Netflix: Plastic

Plastic – Julian Gilbey, 2014, 15 Netflix rates it: 3.5/5 I rate it: 2/5 Julian Gilbey’s Plastic follows a group of university students who successfully steal and scam others out of their credit cards in order to secure a steady stream of money. After blackmailing and stealing a briefcase from an associate of a high-profile mobster (Marcel; portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann), the students realise they … Continue reading Notes on Netflix: Plastic