Illustrated Vogue Italia: An Environmentally Conscious Approach

If you asked the general person what they picture when they imagine a Vogue cover, for many the same portrait would spring to mind: a perfectly shot photograph printed on glossy paper, peeping through the other magazines at the airport or newsagent. However, Vogue Italia has totally shaken up this image with their January 2020 edition, scrapping the photoshoot for one edition only, instead filling the magazine cover-to-cover with illustrations. Conde Nast, Vogue’s publishing company, announced in a press release that the purpose of this move was sustainability. Continue reading Illustrated Vogue Italia: An Environmentally Conscious Approach

Nan Goldin at the Tate Modern

“In spite of it all, people have a need to couple. Even when they’re being destroyed, they’re still coupling. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency starts and ends with this premise, but in between there is the question of as to why there is this need to couple and why it is so difficult.” – Nan Goldin (1986)  Continue reading Nan Goldin at the Tate Modern

So Scandi: ‘The Architecture of Happiness’ – A celebration of Danish Architecture

If you have every visited or seen pictures of Copenhagen, your first thought if someone said “Danish architecture” would probably be of the quaint saffron, moss and rust coloured harbour buildings of Nyhavn. But this would not be the whole story. Over the past decades the Danish capital has transformed itself from a serene fisherman’s town into a dynamic, modern city. A transformation that is reflected … Continue reading So Scandi: ‘The Architecture of Happiness’ – A celebration of Danish Architecture

Method Making Madness: A Young Photographers’ Competition- CALL FOR ENTRIES

Devon Guild of Craftsmen is offering young photographers a chance to step into the exhibiting world with a competition to inspire, educate and astound. As a young photographer it is really important to start gaining exposure as soon as possible. The more people who see your work, the more likely you will be to gain a following and get work. Continue reading Method Making Madness: A Young Photographers’ Competition- CALL FOR ENTRIES

Cornwall Snapshots

During opportunities week, instead of reading, I got an “opportunity” to travel to Cornwall for the weekend. It is just 2 hours away from Exeter by car, however, the atmosphere is very different: it is calm, peaceful and the nature is especially stunning. We left Exeter on Friday night to head down to Cornwall with great hopes that the weather would be nice and sunny. The next morning, we woke up early to travel to Land’s End, which is the most westerly point of Cornwall and also of England. It was not the best day for outdoor activities, but we decided to take every chance to see all the places that we wanted. Here are some snapshots of Cornwall through my lens. Continue reading Cornwall Snapshots

Interview: Baltic Beauty

Co-founders Bartozs Wozniack and Sally-Ann Dunn set up their online business Baltic Beauty in 2014 (, which sells stunning amber jewellery pieces. In a time of disposable fashion, they are dedicated to creating beautiful, one of a kind jewellery that can show off your individuality and last a lifetime. I spoke to them about what inspires them and the challenges – plus joys – of running … Continue reading Interview: Baltic Beauty

Preview: Baltic Beauty Interview!

“We really want to maintain a personal feeling, to give people the opportunity of wearing something completely unique and completely theirs” Last week, Razz interviewed University of Exeter Alumni Bartosz Wozniak and Sally-Ann Dunn about their jewellery business, Baltic Beauty. They told us all about how the business started, the competitiveness of the jewellery market, the joys of working with natural Amber in their collections … Continue reading Preview: Baltic Beauty Interview!

Winter Poetry Collection

Here is a collection of poetry written by students at the University of Exeter, all inspired by the theme of ‘winter’. Thank you to the Dead Poet’s Society for a lot of these contributions. This is in addition to the two poems selected in our print magazine which were Bebe Ashley’s “the water will take me” and “John” by Mohammed Patel. You can view them … Continue reading Winter Poetry Collection

Interview: Simon Edward Johns

Simon Edward Johns is a portrait photographer living in Exeter. His exhibition is at the Glorious Art House until May 16, where you can see the world of rock ‘n’ roll, beautifully captured in a unique perspective. What sparked your passion for photography? The magic of watching of a blank piece of paper turn into a photograph. Watching a musician playing on stage, and seeing … Continue reading Interview: Simon Edward Johns

When Co-Ed University Halls Were New…

These photos by Bill Ray document the advent of co-ed dorms in Oberlin College, 1970. It’s funny to think of a time where boys and girls living together was so radical. The LIFE magazine editor, Ralph Graves, who published these photos in 1970 stated: “This week’s cover of a boy and girl living in a co-ed dorm at Oberlin College will, I know from experience, bring … Continue reading When Co-Ed University Halls Were New…