Preview: Seafret @ Exeter Phoenix

Sunday 15th March – 7:30pm – Exeter Phoenix

Seafret performs at the Exeter Phoenix for the first time this Sunday night as part of their European tour. The British music duo from Bridlington, consisting of singer, Jack Sedman, and guitarist, Harry Draper, met at an open mic night. They both grew up on the coast, so took inspiration from this for much of their music and for their band name. Continue reading Preview: Seafret @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Spork! The Valentine(ish) Edition @ Exeter Phoenix

Spork! is a delightful evening of poetry, comedy, rap and performance, which brings together local artists in celebration of spoken word. Hosted by Chris White, Spork! is full of the weird and wonderful, it’s variety making each show unique, exciting and guaranteed to include something for everyone. On Tuesday 11 February, I was lucky enough to see their ‘Valentine(ish)’ special, in which poetic performances were based (loosely) on theme of love. Continue reading Review: Spork! The Valentine(ish) Edition @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Clare Hollingworth and the Scoop of The Century @Exeter Phoenix

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Important, funny and playful entertainment for the whole family.

To mark 80 years since the start of WW2, PaddleBoat Theatre Company, an Exeter-based group of devising performers working with children in schools, are touring a production focusing on the often forgotten Clare Hollingworth. She was the first person to report from Poland that the German tanks were at the border, ready to invade. Her ‘scoop’, uncredited mind you, became front page news all over the UK. In this hour-long, interactive and high-energy show, the company displays great understanding of the forms they present. Continue reading Review: Clare Hollingworth and the Scoop of The Century @Exeter Phoenix

Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix

Everyone has those dreadfully embarrassing teenage pictures that you and your friends snapped in your bedroom at 14-years-old. Now you keep them under lock and key in a box in the bottom of your wardrobe because, for some reason, you just can’t get rid of them. Every time they resurface they bombard you with memories of intense laughter, overdramatic teenage angst and hopeless lovesickness for … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix

Preview: Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister @ Exeter Phoenix

Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister – modern English Folk music artists – are headlining the Exeter Phoenix on the Friday 8th December. The two bands have come together after realising that teaming up on this ‘Double Trouble Tour’ would allow them to play at bigger venues, and expand their audience capabilities. So, if you are a fan of one and unknowing of the other, … Continue reading Preview: Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Poltimore Festival Launch

Now in its sixth year, Poltimore Festival has become synonymous with showcasing the very best of the Southwest music and arts scene, popping up every summer at the much-loved local landmark, Poltimore House. The 2017 event, scheduled for 28th May, got off to a flying start at the Exeter Phoenix on the 26th of January, with a incredible line up of live music headlined by … Continue reading Review: Poltimore Festival Launch

Review: Made In Dagenham

From the 16th to the 19th January, Shotgun theatre took over Exeter Phoenix to deliver their performances of hit-musical Made in Dagenham, and we at Razz were lucky enough to be invited along to the opening night. As the auditorium filled with a quiet buzz, the stage was clearly set with a gritty, minimalist collection of props, with the orchestra partially hidden by a chain … Continue reading Review: Made In Dagenham

Gig review: Duke Special at Phoenix

The Phoenix hosted Irish musician Duke Special last Wednesday 18th March, as he visited Exeter during his 2015 UK tour. Supported by Paul Cook and The Chronicles, Duke Special made it a memorable night, breaking the usual boundary of performer and audience by initiating a dance break eruption on stage. Walking up the stone steps of The Phoenix, we did not anticipate the chill atmosphere … Continue reading Gig review: Duke Special at Phoenix

Interview: Duke Special

Duke Special, Irish songwriter and performer, joined me for a chat on the brown leather sofas of The Phoenix. Taking ten minutes out of his pre-performance preparations, we discussed his new album Look Out Machines!, his current tour and the hard hitting questions of island survival. All this to the initial background music of Michael Jackson – which in hindsight was somewhat of a foreshadow to … Continue reading Interview: Duke Special