Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

New Year’s Eve is always a time for parties, and this year is especially noteworthy as we will be seeing the 20’s in, and might crave the escapist decadence of the 1920’s. So, dust off your best clothes – as these cocktails demand the suave elegance of a 20’s soiree – pour yourself a drink and enjoy. In this party spirit, these drinks follow the course of the night. Continue reading Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

5 Low Effort Halloween Costumes

Let me make one thing clear: living on the ground floor on Halloween is one of the worst decisions a wimp like me could make. Clowns (this is in both a literal and figurative sense) have great fun poking their heads around the side of my windows and I have great fun closing them all. Before I do that though, I like to have a look at the amazing variety of costumes people have put together. Hand-sewn outfits and face paint that looks like it took hours – they look absolutely amazing. However, for all of those people who are in it for the sesh and nothing but the sesh, it can be a little hard to dress up when you know that it’s going to peel off like a soggy sponge when the night’s over. Here are five low-effort costume ideas that might come in handy. Continue reading 5 Low Effort Halloween Costumes

Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

With the Christmas party season on the horizon, there’s never been a greater excuse to pile on the sparkles and sequins. Below are 8 dresses (and jumpsuits) that exude a little Christmas joy without being excessively garish. 1. This sparkly sequined dress would be ideal for glamorous evening cocktail parties. In terms of accompanying accessories, think chunky black heels, minimalistic jewellery (let the dress do … Continue reading Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

Interview: Henry Adams

Henry Adams will be performing at the RAZZ launch party in Freshers’ Week. To find out more about the event, click here.  1. When did you know you wanted to do live gigs? I have always played music and done concerts. When I turned 18 I got asked to gigs in pubs and I just went along with it. 2. How would you describe your music? … Continue reading Interview: Henry Adams

HIT ON ALL SIX and our New Logo!

It was just over a week ago now when RAZZ teamed up with Bake Soc, University Big Band, Swing Soc, RAG and the Exeter Phoenix to bring you HIT ON ALL SIX. The night was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was involved in organising and performing and to everyone that came along and danced the night away (and those last stragglers dancing on … Continue reading HIT ON ALL SIX and our New Logo!