Razz’s Favourite Recipes

“I love trying new recipes, but I can’t help having favourites.”   The best, moist chocolate cake Vegetarian Serves: 10-12 slices Baking time: 35 mins Ingredients For the cake: 225g plain flour 275g caster sugar 75g cocoa 2 teaspoons of instant coffee 2 teaspoons of baking powder 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda 175ml milk 175ml vegetable or olive oil (olive oil has a stronger … Continue reading Razz’s Favourite Recipes

Mango Mania: Recipes to try this summer

by Emily Stearn Mango Mojito Pancakes (Serves 4) To combat the traditional British summer rain we’re experiencing at the moment, I’ve got two summery and healthy recipes for you to try. Both include mangoes and limes, which are in season at the moment, are super adaptable, and are perfect for both rain and sun. The first is a foodie twist on the classic mojito (world’s … Continue reading Mango Mania: Recipes to try this summer

Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes for beginners

Pancakes have long been a much-loved beacon of yummy breakfast/brunch & good cooking (so I thought). What I found out however, was that it really doesn’t take much to pull a couple together. And what better time to find this out than for Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day! Everybody likes their pancakes differently – thin & large, thick & large, thin & small etc – you name … Continue reading Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes for beginners