Review: Royal Shakespeare Company: Othello

Iqbal Khan’s Othello is a haunting rendition of psychological unravelling. With a stage bathed in blue light, a set reminiscent of a gothic church, and songs performed like elegies, Shakespeare’s controversial tragedy undergoes a thematic dismantling. Khan’s Othello recontextualises the play’s depictions of brutality and injustice. Costumes wander in a realm between modern and timeless, and additional dialogue involves the multi-racial community exchanging racist insults using current language. Most notably, the dynamic between Othello and the manipulative Iago shifts, with the compelling casting choice of a black actor as Iago. Continue reading Review: Royal Shakespeare Company: Othello

S***faced Shakespeare at the Fringe

As soon as I arrived in Edinburgh I was whisked from beneath the low grey clouds into a cosy and softly lit pub. This wasn’t your standard smelly local, however (I’m looking at you, Wetherspoons). The Brass Monkey had raspberry gin and tonics on offer, rather than 3 VKs for five pound. There was a special ‘cinema room’ at the back of the traditional pub, filled with monkey-themed movie memorabilia, mattresses and pillows to sprawl … Continue reading S***faced Shakespeare at the Fringe