Apathetic Environmentalism: An Epidemic

In recent years, it has become more apparent that society is fatally harming the environment. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) we must cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 to avoid a climate catastrophe. Despite the mounting evidence, changes in environmental policy and consumerist habits seem reluctant and tentative. Roughly three-quarters of Europeans say they see climate change as a threat, yet less than a third would accept higher taxes on fossil fuels to cut emissions. This inconsistency of rhetoric versus action is apathetic environmentalism; when someone exhibits genuine concern for the environment but makes little to no effort to make any real, fundamental change. The epitome of this was a photo of an overflowing bin uploaded to ExeHonestly after the recent climate strikes. The discrepancy between protesting the government’s handling of the climate crisis and literally littering on the street highlights an inconsistency between rhetoric and action that is becoming increasingly prevalent. So, where does this apathy come from? Continue reading Apathetic Environmentalism: An Epidemic

The Search for Identity in the Digital Age

In recent decades the exponential growth of communications, digitalisation and social media has meant an expanding digital-scape for the individual to work with. This transition to the presentation of our beings on electronic platforms changes the way in which we view ourselves, our self-worth and how we present ourselves to the world. We are no longer dealing with forging our identities in a solely actualised … Continue reading The Search for Identity in the Digital Age

Pressure vs Positivity: Body Image on Campus

The intention of an emailrecently sent by Anytime Fitness to one of its customers (see below) was to be ‘funny’, it however sought to do this by saying that if you can pinch any inch of your body, you are ‘fat’. The email painted a picture of a warm summer’s day, which you apparently have to look skinny to enjoy. It is through ill-attempted, corporate … Continue reading Pressure vs Positivity: Body Image on Campus

Putting your best foot forward or faking it: are we too critical of Instagram’s glamorization of summer?

Social media has become a performative space. It presents a platform that allows us to display a photogenic version of our lives to the world. This perpetuates in the summer as our news feeds become crammed with everyone’s holiday shots, rather than the grim summer jobs that help us afford them. But should we be ashamed of this? Or is it just a natural human … Continue reading Putting your best foot forward or faking it: are we too critical of Instagram’s glamorization of summer?

“They’re both knobheads really”: Who Can We Trust To Be Our Next PM?

The Conservative Leadership contest is now down to the two final candidates: Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. We are set to find out the new party leader, and our new Prime Minister, in roughly a month. The main differences that have been highlighted are that Jeremy Hunt believes that leaving the European Union with no deal is “political suicide”, whereas Boris Johnson is happy to leave the EU without a deal. But forget about Brexit for now, and let’s look at the nuances. RAZZ have done the heavy lifting for you and have researched each candidate thoroughly in terms of their promises to young people and how their track record stands in relation, so please get ready for a shit tonne of hyperlinks. Time to compare each candidate to the other so that we can prepare for our future. (Spoiler: we’re fucked). Continue reading “They’re both knobheads really”: Who Can We Trust To Be Our Next PM?

Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

This tweet of 4 male actors on the red carpet celebrated their ‘feminine’ clothing as a ‘protest against toxic masculinity.’ But to what extent is this the case? Are they just glamorising conventionally attractive white men doing the bare minimum? Amy Milner shares her opinion.  Men’s fashion, of course, is a pretty hot topic right now. Globalisation and the internet have given rise to experimentation … Continue reading Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

Why is Poetry Still Relevant?

A lot of people think that poetry is a dying art form in the modern age, and although it’s true that it’s status in mainstream culture has slipped from previous times, it deserves more credit than it gets. It is often deemed inaccessible to those who don’t have enough knowledge of literature, but you don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the way poetic … Continue reading Why is Poetry Still Relevant?

Malia Obama: Yes She Can

On a recent trip to Miami, former first daughter Malia Obama came under media scrutiny for turning into a “party girl”. This encouraged Trump supporters to show similar outrage, claiming that Malia is irresponsible. Fundamentally, Malia Obama is facing criticism because she is a 20 year old female, not quite of the legal drinking age of 21. The fact that she turns 21 on 4th … Continue reading Malia Obama: Yes She Can

Abortion Laws in the ‘Western World’

The question of abortion rights occupies a high-profile space in the realm of ethical debate. The moral concerns around abortion laws continue to appear in the press, never leaving the scrutiny of the public eye for very long. But it can be very difficult to navigate conversations around abortion and to decide on a personal stance. Understanding some of the various attitudes to abortion might … Continue reading Abortion Laws in the ‘Western World’