Hard To Say Goodbye: Cheesy Tuesdays

Ah, Cheesy Tuesdays. How I wish I hadn’t taken you for granted. I used to scoff at any suggestion to return to the sticky tiles of the Unit 1 dance floor, with a VK in hand, pressed up against eager, sweaty freshers. “Will they ever change the playlist?” I would cry. “If I have to hear that bloody Grease mash-up one more time, I will go up to the DJ and sock him one for lack of creativity!” What a fool I look now, pining after one last predictable, old-fashioned cheesy boogie whenever ABBA plays on the radio. Hindsight is a wonderful, heart-breaking thing. Continue reading Hard To Say Goodbye: Cheesy Tuesdays

Seshing in Exe: A Guide to Exeter’s Nights Out

Despite being a small city, Exeter has some decent nights out if you know where to find them. Mostly, it’s a question of how to play your cards right. As someone who should probably qualify for a lifetime discount at Timepiece (TP), this RAZZ writer is going to pass on some pearls of wisdom when it comes to Exeter’s nightlife. Continue reading Seshing in Exe: A Guide to Exeter’s Nights Out

Exeter Hot Spots

Exeter isn’t exactly known for its nightlife, but who cares. Not all students are enraptured by clubbing into the early hours. What the city may lack in nightclubs it more than makes up for in culture and history. What originated as a charming medieval town has developed over the centuries into a thriving modern city that retains a distinct character that most students fall in … Continue reading Exeter Hot Spots