Reviews in Retrospect: If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

None of James Baldwin’s books express passion, tenderness and grief as well as If Beale Street Could Talk (1974). After I read Baldwin’s Another Country (1962) during lockdown, I made it my mission to read every one of his novels, his writing completely struck me. Of-course his novels remain extremely relevant to the present day, they focus on questions surrounding sexuality, race, and religion which art and literature continues to confront. However, it was the soul and passion in his writing which had me consuming one book after another. Continue reading Reviews in Retrospect: If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

Poetry: Under Brooklyn Bridge

  I ended up under Brooklyn Bridge by accident When I strayed from the pre-approved tourist Migration routes up and down the city centre. The unspoken rule was broken: I wasn’t meant to go more than Three avenues either side of Broadway, because Visitors weren’t meant to see the city’s dirty dishes. I wandered under Brooklyn Bridge and found The moraine Manhattan produced. The puddles, … Continue reading Poetry: Under Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan: the fragmented city

It was still clear in New York City when I arrived in the very early hours after a fourteen hour coach journey from Buffalo, the snow flurries left far behind in the north. But by the evening, a gentle snowstorm had started, forming into a deep spread across the city by the following morning. New York was transformed, its famous landmarks dwarfed in stark white. … Continue reading Manhattan: the fragmented city

Secrets of a Briton in New York

Before my departure, the University of Exeter’s Study Abroad department held various meetings about what to expect when you… well, study abroad. They went into minute detail about the culture shock that we would face, and reiterated that there was a trained team in our chosen country to help us if things got a bit too overwhelming. I have to say that when I arrived, … Continue reading Secrets of a Briton in New York