New Year, Same Me: The Risk of Resolutions

Like many, I too feel the impulse to submit to the cultural convention of a New Year’s resolution (or multiple, if you’re like me). It is in recognition that I must need annual modification or improvement; I am like an appliance that needs to be vetted or a computer which needs a virus check and at the end of every year that check proves problematic. The duration of the next year is all about ironing out the edges, papering over the cracks, concealing the imperfections and trying to maintain a stable level of maturity (no wonder this is a yearly task). New Year’s resolutions are a testament to us never being satisfied with ourselves; it’s an annual self-intervention, and, more importantly, it seems ridiculous to set all our hopes, ambitions, modifications and adjustments within the time slot of a year. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I truly know that I cannot alter all my habits and questionable behaviour in a year – I need the whole decade for that. Continue reading New Year, Same Me: The Risk of Resolutions

Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

New Year’s Eve is always a time for parties, and this year is especially noteworthy as we will be seeing the 20’s in, and might crave the escapist decadence of the 1920’s. So, dust off your best clothes – as these cocktails demand the suave elegance of a 20’s soiree – pour yourself a drink and enjoy. In this party spirit, these drinks follow the course of the night. Continue reading Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

The Best Book Covers of the Decade

From bold typography exhibiting confidence, to delicate minimalism, the interplay between image, colour and type are arranged in design to celebrate a book. While it is important not to judge a text solely by its cover, our preconceptions often originate from the visuals we see on a book. But covers provide more than this; they are something to physically hold in your hand and in this sense, they form a part of the association and experience of reading a text. The best covers emulate a narrative in original and often powerful ways. Here is a list of some of the most striking book covers I have come across in the 2010s. Continue reading The Best Book Covers of the Decade

Iconic Pop Culture of the 2010s

For many of us, the 2010s were one of the biggest transitional periods of our lives – like the 70s and 80s were to our parents, the 2010s will be our glory years. But what will we remember? Will it be the Kardashians, Trump, the Royals, bush fires, Netflix? Here are just a few things that characterised our decade… Continue reading Iconic Pop Culture of the 2010s