Review: folklore by Taylor Swift

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Over the last three months of lockdown, everybody seems to have had their own quarantine project, and ten-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, is no different. However, whilst we, the common people, baked bread and ran 5Ks, Swift was writing and producing her eighth Studio Album, folklore, which she announced and dropped within 24 hours, complete with a music video she directed. Continue reading Review: folklore by Taylor Swift

Singles’ Round-Up

‘The Races’ by Sports Team

Always erratic but fun, Sports Team provide another indie track that you want to jump along to.

Distortion from the electric guitars and a strong drum part gives them their distinct 90s indie sound, and brings hope of a post-punk revival. I’ve never been to the races but the man they sing about sound like the archetypes I’ve always assumed go to the races (‘He’ll never buy a drink but he’ll let you know he can’).

Featured on Vevo’s ‘DSCVR Artists to Watch 2020’, the high energy of the song emanates through frontman Alex Rice’s performance. Very Mick Jagger and Jarvis Cocker-esque. Known for lively and chaotic dancing, Sports Team always put on a phenomenal show; undoubtedly ‘The Races’ will be incredible live. Continue reading Singles’ Round-Up

One to Watch: Paige Music

Discovering new music is one of the delights in this unpredictable world. In my opinion, it can make everyone’s week just that little bit better. That’s how it feels to listen to the talented tunes and vibes of Paige Music, led by Lauren Buckley. The Buckinghamshire singer has been around music and performance for a long time. Her passion for music and singing has led … Continue reading One to Watch: Paige Music

Album Review: Technology by Don Broco

As the name Technology suggests, Don Broco’s third studio album is a sharp, tongue-in-cheek take on the things that have infiltrated our daily lives over the past few years, from smart phones to Brexit to Trump’s fake news. Musically, Don Broco have always been a little difficult to pin down, flip flopping between the two components of pop and punk. They are happily at home … Continue reading Album Review: Technology by Don Broco

Single Review: ‘You’ll be Fine’ by Pom Poko

Pom Poko’s name is taken from a 1994 Japanese animated film about shape-shifting raccoons, and their music is about as off-the-wall as this fact would suggest. The intriguing Norwegian quartet, who hail from Trondheim, are one of several new groups to emerge from Scandinavia this year. They are already making a name for themselves with their original, creative sound, as well as the chaotic energy … Continue reading Single Review: ‘You’ll be Fine’ by Pom Poko

Acquired Tastes

A familiar comment labelled at today’s music scene is that it’s “all the same” – that hundreds of artists are just churning out effectively the same song to continue brainwashing the gullible masses and consolidate the hegemonic dominance of the major labels, furthering the evil capitalist project and contributing to the gradual destruction of planet earth. Okay, that was exaggerated to sound like a BA … Continue reading Acquired Tastes

Interview: Art Is Hard

David West of Art is Hard records, Exeter’s most exciting label (named label of the week in the relaunched NME!), kindly agreed to talk with Razz about how things are going, where they’re heading and the south-west alternative scene. Check out what went on below, and listen to the label’s releases here. -Hello, Art is Hard! First thing’s first – what’s behind the name? Does … Continue reading Interview: Art Is Hard