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Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

During the first few months of the pandemic, many of us made banana bread and sourdough starters, and probably achieved little more creative output than choosing which pyjamas we could seamlessly transition into being daytime wear. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wrote, produced and recorded not only one, but two albums, the second of which was released last week. Continue reading Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

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The Power of Music

Most of us know the feeling of listening to an old favourite song that transports us back in time. Every time I hear “Sun” by Two Door Cinema Club, I am back in my first-year bedroom, packing a bag for the first beach day of the year with my new friends. I can smell the sun cream, taste the strawberries, remember the games we played, everything. All from one song. And it always, undoubtedly, makes me feel happy – a nostalgic kind of happy – but happy nonetheless, because it’s not just the memory these songs evoke, but the emotions we were feeling at those times as well. Continue reading The Power of Music

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The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

My housemates (from first, second, and third year) can testify when I say that Christmas music runs through my veins as soon as December hits. When the clock strikes midnight on the 30th of November, the Christmas playlist bursts into life and my sullen November mood is immediately replaced with festive joy. This year things are a little bit different, and rather controversially my housemates and I have decided to start Christmas celebrations early. So, join me in blasting some absolute holiday bangers as we attempt to disguise the misery that is a festive lockdown. Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

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Single Review: ‘Yesterday’ by Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner’s new single ‘Yesterday’, is a heartfelt, politically charged and introspective account of mixed-race identity in our contemporary society. The track marks the hip-hop artist’s latest release since his second album, Not Waving, But Drowning, and like his previous tracks incorporates both sensitive and intelligent lyricism. Continue reading Single Review: ‘Yesterday’ by Loyle Carner

Riding High: Pure Heroine 7 Years On

Pure Heroine will always be one of my favourite albums. It was one of the first records that made me really fall in love with music, and, in turn introduced me to so many of the artists that I listen to today. How could I not write about it on the seventh anniversary of its release? Pure Heroine was released when I had just turned 14. I craved the quiet teenage indifference that Lorde so perfectly articulated in every song. Who would have known that seven years later I would turn 21 and still find solace in the fact that, yes, it does feel scary getting old? Continue reading Riding High: Pure Heroine 7 Years On

What makes you BRITish enough: Why Rina Sawayama called out the Music Industry

Imagine releasing a critically acclaimed album only to be told you aren’t eligible to be nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize and BRIT awards, let alone win them; all because apparently you aren’t British enough. For Japanese-born British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama, being told she couldn’t even qualify for consideration for an award so clearly deserved is obviously nothing less than heart breaking. After living in the UK for 25 years and holding indefinite leave to remain in the country, why do the BPI rules deny her this accolade for which she has so evidently been snubbed? Continue reading What makes you BRITish enough: Why Rina Sawayama called out the Music Industry

Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

I wasn’t familiar with Cornish band A Blaze of Feather until my interview with band member Mickey Smith, but I’m glad I’ve made this discovery. It’s refreshing. The new album LABYRINTH is strong as a whole, but for me the highlight is the titular track ‘Labyrinth’. This single is likely to be popular with a lot of fans of indie music. Smith’s vocals are unique – calming but with a sense of power. The guitar is catchy and works especially well with the chorus. The instrumentation as a whole is extremely effective. Continue reading Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

Review: Rough and Rowdy Ways by Bob Dylan

From familiar folk-rock instrumentals spring songs of the self. Bob Dylan’s 39th studio album Rough and Rowdy Ways ​was released on June 19th, to high praise from critics and fans alike. Listeners have found in these songs a window to escape lockdown through —​ ​and yet, like all of Dylan’s greatest albums, this one refuses to turn away from reality. Continue reading Review: Rough and Rowdy Ways by Bob Dylan