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Riding High: Pure Heroine 7 Years On

Pure Heroine will always be one of my favourite albums. It was one of the first records that made me really fall in love with music, and, in turn introduced me to so many of the artists that I listen to today. How could I not write about it on the seventh anniversary of its release? Pure Heroine was released when I had just turned 14. I craved the quiet teenage indifference that Lorde so perfectly articulated in every song. Who would have known that seven years later I would turn 21 and still find solace in the fact that, yes, it does feel scary getting old? Continue reading Riding High: Pure Heroine 7 Years On

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Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

I wasn’t familiar with Cornish band A Blaze of Feather until my interview with band member Mickey Smith, but I’m glad I’ve made this discovery. It’s refreshing. The new album LABYRINTH is strong as a whole, but for me the highlight is the titular track ‘Labyrinth’. This single is likely to be popular with a lot of fans of indie music. Smith’s vocals are unique – calming but with a sense of power. The guitar is catchy and works especially well with the chorus. The instrumentation as a whole is extremely effective. Continue reading Single Review: ‘Labyrinth’ by A Blaze of Feather

Review: folklore by Taylor Swift

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Over the last three months of lockdown, everybody seems to have had their own quarantine project, and ten-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, is no different. However, whilst we, the common people, baked bread and ran 5Ks, Swift was writing and producing her eighth Studio Album, folklore, which she announced and dropped within 24 hours, complete with a music video she directed. Continue reading Review: folklore by Taylor Swift

Review: how i’m feeling now by Charli XCX

Charli XCX announced that she was working on her fourth album via a zoom call with fans on April 6th, giving herself the close deadline of May 15th. At a few points in the month it felt as though meeting this deadline would be a close call, but once again, Charli has lived up to the hype and released an 11-track record reflecting on life in quarantine in California. Before I press play, I think we need to acknowledge that this was written, produced, and released in the space of 39 days. OF COURSE, it would be Charli to set herself this challenge while living through a pandemic. With her third full album release being only 8 months ago, I think this album proves that she deserves all the credit she gets for being one of the most innovative, hardworking people in music at the moment. Continue reading Review: how i’m feeling now by Charli XCX

Review: A Song for Our Daughter by Laura Marling

There’s something about Laura Marling’s bucolic folk sound and sharp British accent that makes listening to her music feel so personal, so homey, and yet provides a world to escape into. She’s even commented herself on her “uncanny” sound, and, as a three-time Mercury Prize nominee in the twelve years she’s been active, you’d think she’d know a thing or two.

I’ve been a fan of Marling’s music since her Short Movie era in 2015, although I didn’t realise that her debut album, Alas, I Cannot Swim, was released in 2008 when she was only eighteen! Continue reading Review: A Song for Our Daughter by Laura Marling

Review: 3.15.20 by Childish Gambino

3.15.20 tries to be reminiscent of Glover’s previous albums but feels messier and scattered. Yet, somehow it manages to pull off the sense that this effect is deliberate. If you’re a Childish Gambino fan, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The jolty sense of the album ensures you’re continually entertained, as it never goes where you expect it to. It’s therefore perfect to listen to during the present circumstances. Continue reading Review: 3.15.20 by Childish Gambino

Singles’ Round-Up: ‘Just Friends’ by Max Pope

‘Just Friends’ is the first single from Max Pope’s upcoming EP, In Limbo. A fusion of jazz/pop/funk/soul, Max Pope’s sound feels fresh and interesting, with a beautifully subtle groove in all of his work. He is easily comparable with Tom Misch, but I’d say Max holds a distinct sound himself. The guitar and bass melodies in this track carry divine funk and marry perfectly with a simple but wonderfully smooth beat, producing a song perfect to walk down the street to. Max is also a super talented lyricist, with this track focusing on anxiety around change and feeling like you have a lack of control over relationships. Continue reading Singles’ Round-Up: ‘Just Friends’ by Max Pope

Singles’ Round-Up

‘The Races’ by Sports Team

Always erratic but fun, Sports Team provide another indie track that you want to jump along to.

Distortion from the electric guitars and a strong drum part gives them their distinct 90s indie sound, and brings hope of a post-punk revival. I’ve never been to the races but the man they sing about sound like the archetypes I’ve always assumed go to the races (‘He’ll never buy a drink but he’ll let you know he can’).

Featured on Vevo’s ‘DSCVR Artists to Watch 2020’, the high energy of the song emanates through frontman Alex Rice’s performance. Very Mick Jagger and Jarvis Cocker-esque. Known for lively and chaotic dancing, Sports Team always put on a phenomenal show; undoubtedly ‘The Races’ will be incredible live. Continue reading Singles’ Round-Up

Review: Spotlights A Night at the Musicals II

Spotlights’ latest all singing all dancing production was a knock-out at Exeter Phoenix this Monday and Tuesday. A talented bunch of musical lovers took to the stage to wow us with A Night at the Musicals. With hits from all decades, including classics from Les Miserables, to new fan-favourites Hamilton and Matilda, and some newer more quirky choices from Dear Evan Hansen. There was a … Continue reading Review: Spotlights A Night at the Musicals II

Album Review: Technology by Don Broco

As the name Technology suggests, Don Broco’s third studio album is a sharp, tongue-in-cheek take on the things that have infiltrated our daily lives over the past few years, from smart phones to Brexit to Trump’s fake news. Musically, Don Broco have always been a little difficult to pin down, flip flopping between the two components of pop and punk. They are happily at home … Continue reading Album Review: Technology by Don Broco