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Bleed Greener: Heritage and the Climate Crisis

When people pause to consider the implications of the climate crisis, generally only a select few images and ideas spring to mind. The term ‘climate’ may evoke thoughts of sweltering hot summers and icy winters, sudden deluges and other extreme climatic events. It may also elicit questions about rising sea levels, such as what this process will mean for low-lying countries. The idea of ‘crisis’ could be linked, in some people’s minds, with the various economic crises that have occurred over the past several decades. It is also a term that has often been used to describe the Covid-19 pandemic, which has now been causing global disorder for over a year. While these are all valid connections to make, the reach of the climate crisis is much broader: in fact, in some way or other, it affects every aspect of modern life and culture. Heritage is one of the most notable industries that is threatened by the climate crisis, and our failure to acknowledge and act upon this fact may have devastating consequences. Continue reading Bleed Greener: Heritage and the Climate Crisis

Review: RAMM Lates

Last Friday night I went to the RAMM for just the second time since I’ve lived in Exeter. As an English student and exhibition lover, I find it strange that there is such a valuable resource in the centre of town that I have never used. The RAMM Lates event highlighted the fact that the RAMM is a great resource that has real relevance to the student community. Museums allow us to experience culture up close and without the filter of computer screens that we have become accustomed to. After learning about Native American culture and history last term I found it eye-opening to be able to see firsthand authentic artefacts – such as traditional clothing and weapons – from Native American culture. So surely this is a resource we should all be using more often? Continue reading Review: RAMM Lates

Review: ‘Inspired By The East: how the Islamic world influenced western art’ @ the British Museum

The exhibition runs at the British Museum until 26 January 2020 (£12 for student concessions).

If you happen to be in London over the Christmas break, I would really recommend making a trip to this exhibition. The exhibition was laid out skilfully as you would expect from the British Museum, yet it is still worth carefully choosing your time to attend. Ideally go early or late so you have a chance to get close to the artefacts and are able to double back and see things in light of later objects. Some of the first things you see are drawings of Ottoman costumes which still have the vivacity of a contemporary sketch by a designer. These drawings work in brilliant concord with the later portraits. These draw on Ottoman models or are drawn from life. One particular portrait which stood out to me was of Sir Robert Sherley, by Anthony van Dyck, which shows an Elizabethan gentleman who was also the envoy to the Papal court for Shah Abbas I of Persia. As such you can see how complex identity can be and how fashion, as a form of art, expresses culture and social affiliations. Continue reading Review: ‘Inspired By The East: how the Islamic world influenced western art’ @ the British Museum

Review: ‘Last Supper in Pompeii’ at the Ashmolean

The exhibition is well laid out, starting with a wider examination of the culture and reaching a highpoint as it showcases the objects of a Roman dining room, which is swiftly followed by a suitably confined space to show kitchen utensils and examples of food. This sense of flow continues throughout the majority of the exhibition, meaning that even when busy, it is not too difficult to see everything, and aspects of food and death are blended to give an idea of their links in Roman culture. The skilful curation and brilliant artefacts make this an exhibition that you’d be foolish to miss if you are in the region – or even worth a little train journey. Continue reading Review: ‘Last Supper in Pompeii’ at the Ashmolean

Review: Mary Quant at the V&A

Mary Quant is the pinnacle of 60s youth culture, revolutionising fashion and culture in a decade known for change. The V&A’s current exhibition honouring her both acts as a frozen capsule and transcends linear time. The exhibition’s historicism plays out through transporting you to her original BAZAAR shop in Knightsbridge, gazing into its shop window. The mannequins have playful poses, with some lying on the floor and jumping through the air, and hold eccentric props that Quant used herself – most notably a red lobster attached to a gold chain. This encouraged the exhibition’s engagement with visitors, replicating Quant’s vital and innovative interaction with the customer. Continue reading Review: Mary Quant at the V&A

Postcards From Abroad: Dublin

Recently, I spent a few days on holiday with my boyfriend in Dublin. It was the first time either of us had been abroad without any kind of responsible adults, and we’d opted to take three trains and a ferry rather than fly. Our journey there was long, complete with an overnight stop in Holyhead, but once we got off the shuttle bus in the … Continue reading Postcards From Abroad: Dublin

Fashion in Motion: Jenny Packham

    Art and fashion don’t always fit comfortably within the same sentence. In some ways they connect harmoniously but in others, they fiercely contradict one another. Is fashion art? That depends on your take on fashion, or at least the impression it leaves on you. Even Karl Lagerfeld himself seems reluctant to accept this connection, and some other designers see the alliance between the … Continue reading Fashion in Motion: Jenny Packham

Volunteer to be a RAMMbassador!

Awarded 2012 Museum of the Year, Exeter’s RAMM museum is looking for ambassadors! “RAMMbassadors will research and develop their own interpretation of artefacts and specimens on display that appeal to them. They will present their interpretation to visitors as a live presentation in the gallery – a short soapbox session – and a recording for the RAMM website.” The Ramm are particularly looking for students, and … Continue reading Volunteer to be a RAMMbassador!

What’s going on at the RAMM?

Razz previews some of the intriguing new exhibitions coming up at Exeter’s newly re-opened museum, the RAMM… From the 22 September 2012 to 13 January 2013 you can an amazing new exhibition (for free!) Warriors of the Plains: 200 years of Native North American honour and ritual Studying American Literature in English? Or maybe just interested in Native American warfare and ritual? Then this exhibition is … Continue reading What’s going on at the RAMM?