Review: NT Live: Amadeus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is, to most, synonymous with classical music. The composer is widely adored, and his music is often played by students to help them concentrate when pulling an all-nighter or cramming some revision. The play Amadeus, perhaps contrary to what the title may suggest,does not focus entirely on this complicated individual, but rather on Antonio Salieri, the composer creating at the same time as Mozart. This heavily dramatised account acts as part confession and part swan song of the dying artist in his last few hours on earth. The plot is full of activity, though rather simple to follow, as Salieri invites the audience to listen to his tale, the character imagining us as ghosts of the future judging his supposed actions. What we witness is a hard-working and deeply religious man making a name for himself on the Viennese court and whose outputs are minimised when compared with the works of Mozart. Continue reading Review: NT Live: Amadeus

Review: BSO’s ‘Divine Sublime’ @ Exeter Great Hall

Mozart’s Serenade in B flat major, dubbed Gran Partita, and brought resolutely to Exeter Great Hall by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on Thursday, is far flung from its antecedents, and indeed the majority of the composer’s work in the form. As a musical form, and as can be etymologically inferred from its counterpart the divertimento, the serenade tends to suggest a certain accessibility – it was designed to be a typically incidental piece for 18th century social functions after all. A small cohort of the BSO began the evening with their rendition of this piece, consistently exemplifying its beauty, with Kirill Karabits’ conduction carefully staggering the moments of emphasis within the piece. Continue reading Review: BSO’s ‘Divine Sublime’ @ Exeter Great Hall

Preview: BSO’s “Divine Sublime” @ Exeter Great Hall

On Thursday 11th October the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra shall return to grace Exeter Great Hall with the continuation of its latest season, which began at Poole Lighthouse on the 4th. There, according to The Times, Kirill Karabits conducted Mahler’s Resurrection symphony with an intense profundity that is sure to lay the groundwork for the year to come. This is Karabits’ tenth year as Chief Conductor, and it will be him that conducts works by Mozart and Beethoven on Thursday, to great anticipation. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s “Divine Sublime” @ Exeter Great Hall