Review: Shakespeare Society’s ‘Twelfth Night’

Rated one of the top 3 pubs in Exeter on Trip Advisor, and an unlikely destination for a take on arguably Shakespeare’s most famous comedy, I – having never been to the Hole In The Wall – walked in expecting to see a theatre-like stage and chairs. Instead I arrived to a small arrangement of rowed wooden seats and benches, from which an audience watched … Continue reading Review: Shakespeare Society’s ‘Twelfth Night’

behind the scenes: another successful shoot

With the next issue’s theme exploring LOVE and LOST, the Razz team decided to draw our inspiration from one of the most famous tragic love stories out there: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Focusing on the photography, setting and beautiful models this time, we took a trip to the Costume Department to find something a little more dated for our star-crossed lovers. We wanted to keep the shoot … Continue reading behind the scenes: another successful shoot