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#Everyone’sInvited – The Clue is in the Name

Everyone’s Invited, the Instagram page that everyone is talking about. Over 32,000 people to be exact. The page, created by 22-year-old Soma Sara, is a much-needed space designed for everyone and anyone to call out rape culture. The testimonials section, where people can anonymously publish their experiences as either a witness to or victim of rape culture has, finally and rightly, brought the engrained culture of misogyny out from the well-concealed enclaves of schools and universities. Continue reading #Everyone’sInvited – The Clue is in the Name

The Dangers of Face Changing and Body Morphing Filters on Social Media

Reality, sadly, is not always attractive. Contrary to what television and media may suggest, life is not always on a good day, from the right angle, or with good lighting. We do not always look our best, and the worst part is that we imprint this illusion of perfection onto ourselves and our expectations. Selecting and altering the best photographs. Feeling like we are not doing well if we are not looking good. The endless, vicious comparison of ourselves against those we see on social media and in film. Continue reading The Dangers of Face Changing and Body Morphing Filters on Social Media

Bookstagram: Is There Purpose Behind the Pictures?

Say Instagram, and the first things that comes to mind are the influencers, advertisements and ‘perfect’ body aspirations. Yet, there is a new emerging corner that combines our aesthetically obsessed culture with the art of reading: bookstagram. Bookstagram is a relatively recent phenomenon which refers to accounts creating weird and wonderful displays of books they are reading and enjoying surrounded by an assortment of objects such as candles, feathers and the odd cup of artisan coffee. However, is this new facet of Instagram really worth your time? Continue reading Bookstagram: Is There Purpose Behind the Pictures?

Social Media and the Dieting Industry

After publicly criticising the Kardashians and Cardi B for their marketing of dieting and detox industry products, Jameela Jamil describes Instagram’s newest policy as a “huge step” in the fight against this content. Part of her “i Weigh” movement expresses her views against content promoting weight loss products and unhealthy lifestyles, solidifying her approval of the new policy that takes a further step towards creating a safer and healthier social media environment. However, how much can the new policy help facilitate this, and is there more that should be done? Continue reading Social Media and the Dieting Industry

Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums

A new form of art museum is popping up in major cities all over America. Dubbed the Instagram Museums, these spaces display immersive art displays in themed rooms, designed to produce the perfect Instagram selfie or boomerang. Hearing this, the obnoxious humanities student in me wants to rant about how the idea of tailoring art to Instagram cheapens it to a merely aesthetic object, devoid of meaning or history, and how the popularity of these new museums threatens more traditional art museums. But I’ll try to resist that for the moment. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums