Review: Sunked

As my friends and I took our seats, cocktails in hand, to watch Chris White’s Sunked at the Bike Shed Theatre on Saturday 18th November, we weren’t sure what to expect. From my previous meeting with Chris, we knew it would be a combination of spoken word and comedy, and would centre around the theme of the Titanic. This left a lot to imagination. Little … Continue reading Review: Sunked

Things to do on a Long Train Journey

So as I was sat on the train heading back to Exeter, I got thinking (essay-reading procrastination) about how best to kill time on a train. It’s no daily commute, but as students, we all spend a lot of time on trains getting home for the holidays and visiting friends or long-distance lovers. Here’re a few ideas to wile away the hours. If you’re with … Continue reading Things to do on a Long Train Journey