Review: Hudson Taylor at Exeter Phoenix

Hudson Taylor is Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor, an Irish brother-duo. They both sing & play the guitar, alongside writing songs of what has been described to be of a “raw and folky” nature. Read Razz’s interview with them here & here. Last Wednesday Irish brother-duo Hudson Taylor took to the stage with much aplomb, but not before having the crowd revved up with opening … Continue reading Review: Hudson Taylor at Exeter Phoenix

Interview: Hudson Taylor (Part II)

This is the Part II of Razz’s interview with Irish brother-duo Hudson Taylor (Harry & Alfie Hudson Taylor). You can read Part I here. They recently came to Exeter for a gig to promote their yet-to-be-released album, Singing For Strangers, and I managed to catch them up just before. From this whole process – creating your album and all your tours – what would you … Continue reading Interview: Hudson Taylor (Part II)

Summer Tunes

Hello fellow Razzians, Hope this summer check-in finds you enjoying the glorious summer freedom, whether you’re choosing to spend it productively (you poor, tea-serving interns…) or sun worshipping (you poor, lazy buggers). Either way, here’s some tunes that you may not have heard for a while to stick in your ears for three minutes of zoning out (whether that’s well earned or not!): Who? Gabrielle … Continue reading Summer Tunes