Flesh and Femininity: How Body Horror in Raw Externalises Female Sexual Awakening

Julia Ducournau’s directorial debut Raw follows 16-year-old Justine as she attempts to navigate the complexities of becoming a woman alongside her newfound and unconventional desires. Coming from a high-achieving family of entirely vets and vegetarians, Justine is ready to start her first year at vet school, where her older sister, Alexia, also studies. During some time-honoured and intense hazing rituals, the ‘rookies’ are drenched in pigs’ blood (Carrie, anyone?) and forced to eat raw rabbit kidneys as a form of initiation. After eating meat for the first time, unexpected consequences emerge as Justine is overcome with an all-consuming craving for human flesh. Continue reading Flesh and Femininity: How Body Horror in Raw Externalises Female Sexual Awakening

Review: IT Chapter Two

To anyone that knows me, it would be very surprising to hear that I was planning on watching a horror film, let alone heading to the cinema on the very day of IT Chapter 2’s release. It was one thing to watch the first film from the comfort of my own sofa in broad daylight, but very much another to head to a late showing of the sequel in the cinema! Yet there I was. Continue reading Review: IT Chapter Two

Gothic Lit Picks for Halloween

With the temperature taking a dive and the leaves continuing to drop off the trees, this week is the perfect time to curl up inside with a good book and lose yourself in a story. For Halloween season, I’ve put together a list of the best Gothic literature to get your fangs into and keep you on the edge of your seat! Continue reading Gothic Lit Picks for Halloween

5 Low Effort Halloween Costumes

Let me make one thing clear: living on the ground floor on Halloween is one of the worst decisions a wimp like me could make. Clowns (this is in both a literal and figurative sense) have great fun poking their heads around the side of my windows and I have great fun closing them all. Before I do that though, I like to have a look at the amazing variety of costumes people have put together. Hand-sewn outfits and face paint that looks like it took hours – they look absolutely amazing. However, for all of those people who are in it for the sesh and nothing but the sesh, it can be a little hard to dress up when you know that it’s going to peel off like a soggy sponge when the night’s over. Here are five low-effort costume ideas that might come in handy. Continue reading 5 Low Effort Halloween Costumes

Halloween What-Not-To-Wear

If there’s one thing that we can rely on to re-inject a sense of excitement into the ever-quickening darkness of autumn, it’s the build up to Halloween: the night when scary becomes the new edgy and fake blood ascends to take its place as the new cosmetic must-have. However nothing shatters this atmosphere perhaps more effectively than the sight of a can’t-be-more-than-fourteen year old leaping … Continue reading Halloween What-Not-To-Wear