Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry

Cruise ships represent the immensity of travel in the modern world. The access to oceanic space from the luxury and comfort onboard is part of the mass appeal for consumers, but there is a darker side to the glistening structures that line our waters. Often dubbed as ‘floating cities’, despite their testament to modern engineering, the industry is an environmental disaster. In the adversity of lockdown, there have been enormous economic pressures and questions over the future of travel across the globe. However, the current pandemic and suspension of most of the cruise industry’s activities have also afforded a unique opportunity to re-examine the environmental impact of these ships, and whether a green recovery is possible. Continue reading Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry

Postcards From Abroad: California 2.0

This summer, I was lucky enough to spend 10 days with my family in southern/central California for a truly memorable holiday. Before this trip, I’d only ever experienced one transatlantic flight, so even the idea of a 10 hour flight and arriving in the United States excited me. There’s something indescribably magical about long flights, much as they may be inconvenient (and result in lack of sleep)!

We made 4 stops on our trip: San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite and Carmel-By-The-Sea. Continue reading Postcards From Abroad: California 2.0

48 Hours in Porto

Mentioning to the average Brit that you spent a semester living abroad in Portugal usually triggers questions relating to the Algarve and its reputation for beaches, booze and bronzed skin. However, in recent years the rest of the country has gained popularity thanks to the renaissance undergone by its capital, Lisbon. With more and more UK travellers discovering the country’s potential as a city-break mecca, … Continue reading 48 Hours in Porto