Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais

Fozz: I can’t believe we got invited back to Comptoir Libanais. I really enjoyed the food the last time we went but omg that review we did – I got so many comments about how cringey it was!

Katrina: I would say that we’ll try to make this review less cringey but, to be honest, I really don’t think we can make any promises on that. It was great to be invited back to Comptoir though, and given how much I enjoyed it last time, I definitely had high expectations for this meal. What were you expecting? Continue reading Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais

Review: Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird was set up three years ago by a self-proclaimed whimsical entrepreneur. Decked out with swing seats and colourful rocking chairs, this whimsicality is undoubtedly brought to life in the décor of the restaurant. To make things quirkier, there are birdhouses and ivy leaves dotted around, and even the hanging lampshades are crafted like birdcages. The restaurant spreads over two floors, featuring a bar, … Continue reading Review: Absurd Bird