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Best Lockdown Buys: Themed Nights

Lockdown upon lockdown has either made time fly or crawl. One silver lining of this added time indoors is the necessary demand for creativity. Although, admittedly, much entertainment came from Netflix and alcohol… some stand out purchases really helped us through. Want company but housemates are at deadline central? No worries, just settle down with “Bones Jones” – our niche new housemate. This plastic skeleton … Continue reading Best Lockdown Buys: Themed Nights

When This is All Over: Pub Crawl

When this is over, I’m heading on a pub crawl across Exeter with my dearest friends before we leave Uni for good. A rough list of 16 pubs already exits, and we’re preparing to get completely plastered. At each pub, I’ll give a speech about why I love them, accompanied by the biggest hugs I can manage. There will be chaos, there will be nostalgia, and there will be terrible dancing. The night will end with a drunken dive into the River Exe (my goal since first year), with whoever is dumb/sloshed enough to join me. Continue reading When This is All Over: Pub Crawl