RAZZ Committee Advice for Freshers’

RAZZ’s committee have clubbed together to share our advice for Freshers’ based on our own Freshers’ experiences. While there’s a lot of hype around Freshers’ Week and it can be an amazing week, remember that it doesn’t have to be the best week of your life, there are so many more experiences to come at uni! Continue reading RAZZ Committee Advice for Freshers’

Seshing in Exe: A Guide to Exeter’s Nights Out

Despite being a small city, Exeter has some decent nights out if you know where to find them. Mostly, it’s a question of how to play your cards right. As someone who should probably qualify for a lifetime discount at Timepiece (TP), this RAZZ writer is going to pass on some pearls of wisdom when it comes to Exeter’s nightlife. Continue reading Seshing in Exe: A Guide to Exeter’s Nights Out

What I wish I’d Known as a Fresher

Uni can often be overhyped. From a young age, we put university on a pedestal and see it as an escape into independence and the beginning of adulthood. For those of us who have strict parents, it’s the beginning of a life without curfews and unfair punishments. For those of us whose school life could have been better, it’s a chance to reinvent yourself and be whoever you want to be. It’s different from the movies and from what we imagine it to be, but it’s definitely worth the excitement: just read these tips before you start and you’ll be good to go. Continue reading What I wish I’d Known as a Fresher

My First Year Experience

From getting the infamous ‘Freshers’ Flu’ to spending far too many nights in The Imperial, my first year experience appears fairly conventional on the surface, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. I have learned that it’s ok to not always get along with your flat as there are options to make it better for you, referencing and formatting sometimes … Continue reading My First Year Experience

Easy Guide to Conquering the Activities’ Fair

Photo Credit: Exeter University It’s the culmination of your first week at Exeter, the last hung over stop after a week of partying and free society trials. Here’s how to tackle the hordes of societies who will be doing their best to secure your membership this Saturday… First of all, take your time. There is no rush to join every society you want to on … Continue reading Easy Guide to Conquering the Activities’ Fair

Welcome to Razz

Welcome to Razz! As a new student at Exeter, you’re often bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information – timetables, reading lists, Freshers Week events and lists of societies that you can join. With such a diverse range of societies at Exeter and many students with limited budget for the Activities Fair, deciding which societies to join can be tricky. Therefore, we’ve decided to outline … Continue reading Welcome to Razz