Review: West Side Story by Exeter University Footlights

Everyone knows the storyline of West Side Story: essentially, a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s own Romeo and Juliet. On at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre from 29 Jan – 1 Feb and performed by the university’s Footlights Society, the story takes place in the Upper West Side neighbourhood in New York City in the mid-1950s. The cast’s American accents are generally pretty strong, although some were less … Continue reading Review: West Side Story by Exeter University Footlights


STARS ARE BORN AT THE COPACABANA Will Young found fame through Footlights’ production of ‘Oklahoma’. This year once again, Footlights is preparing to present Exeter with the freshest and most vibrant talent the city has to offer. Barry Manilow’s musical “Copacabana” is coming to Exeter this month. The show, based on one of the American singer’s most famous hits, is being staged by the University’s Footlights … Continue reading Copacabana!