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Review: The Rise of Skywalker

“A confusing combination of giddy childhood excitement and disappointed resignation” is how I described The Rise of Skywalker as we left the theatre at 2.30 AM. I had decided that an eight-hour triple bill would be the only worthy cinematic environment in which to conclude my lifelong journey with the Skywalkers, and honestly I did have a great time. As a Star Wars purist, the new trilogy had never really been my cup of tea, but the final instalment was an enjoyable, exciting film to watch. The film was as beautiful as ever, with interesting character developments and a well-navigated farewell to Carrie Fisher. I really enjoyed the continued exploration of Kylo Ren, and this final film has cemented him as one of the most intriguing, multi-faceted characters of the Star Wars universe. Not only this, but the dynamic between Kylo Ren and Rey which was so interesting in The Last Jedi is further explored with emotional depth and maturity, although ending on a rather strange note. Continue reading Review: The Rise of Skywalker

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A Man’s World? Women Snubbed Once Again at Golden Globe Awards

It’s that time of year again – the Golden Globe Awards. Now, in the film-making industry this should be a time for excitement and celebration. However, with the recent release of the Golden Globe nominations, it is clear that talented women behind the camera continue to find their creative voices silenced and their work undermined and shut out. It is nearly 2020, a new decade, and yet there are still no females nominated for Best Screenplay or for Best Direction Awards. Stacy Smith, the founder of USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiate stated that the Golden Globes is limited in its ‘lopsided view of talent that fosters the longevity of male directors over their female peers’. Hollywood is overwhelmingly a male sector, and with these nominations, it seems that the Golden Globes’ objective is to perpetuate that. Continue reading A Man’s World? Women Snubbed Once Again at Golden Globe Awards

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Frost on Film: Knives Out

A Who-Dun-It for the Modern Age It’s fair to say that Rian Johnson has not had the easiest last few years. Before December 2017 Johnson was no doubt in dreamland, having been given the opportunity to write and direct the latest instalment in the Star Wars franchise – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. However, following its release an onslaught of polarising feedback permeated social media … Continue reading Frost on Film: Knives Out

Frost on Film: Le Mans ’66

In some ways James Mangold’s latest directorial outing is a rare breed as we are not often treated to films about racing cars and the drivers inside. Since the release of Rush in 2013, there hasn’t been anything particularly comparable in cinemas, that is, until now. Le Mans ’66 serves almost as the spiritual cousin to Rush, delivering exhilaration, excitement and energy in spades, tracing the story of two men who fought to beat the odds and win an acclaimed international racing marathon. Continue reading Frost on Film: Le Mans ’66

Frost on Film: The Cliff’s Edge- Thelma & Louise’s finale and its influences

By 1991, director Ridley Scott was well accustomed to taking risks and yet, even for him, the finale of Thelma & Louise proved to be an outlandish proposition so immediate and surprising that its cultural impact can still be viewed today. The image of two women screaming jovially in the front seats of a convertible as they freefall off a cliff is an unforgettable one. At the time, this ending was a huge risk but it payed off considerably as Thelma & Louise became one of Scott’s biggest critical successes, earning him his first Oscar nomination for Best Director. It has also cemented Thelma and Louise’s place as cultural icons of feminist cinema. Continue reading Frost on Film: The Cliff’s Edge- Thelma & Louise’s finale and its influences

Stylish Screen: Inspirational Fashion from TV & Film

Another Halloween has been and gone but our obsession with fancy dress is far from over. And the best part is that you don’t even have to wait until your friend’s birthday or Christmas party to whip-out your best costume anymore – it seems we’re starting to integrate our favourite outfits from popular culture into our everyday wear, with John Lewis reporting last month an increase in sales of Peaky Blinders’ style flat caps, and black jumpsuits, like those worn by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag. Continue reading Stylish Screen: Inspirational Fashion from TV & Film