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Review: Toy Story 4

After hearing that Pixar had decided to release a fourth movie in the Toy Story saga, I was filled with multiple emotions – sure enough there was a lot of excitement but there was also a creeping sense of dread. After the emotional rollercoaster ride that was Toy Story 3, it seemed we had said our goodbyes to the toys, just as Andy does, in … Continue reading Review: Toy Story 4

Review: Booksmart

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is a fresh, female-led, spin on the coming of age tale. Arguably one of 2019’s best comedies, Booksmart demonstrates how being young can be a painful yet hilarious experience. By successfully blending tales of raucous adventures and responsibility, Booksmart illuminates the emotional pains associated with teenage friendship and the transition into adulthood. Continue reading Review: Booksmart

Review: Vice

In 2018’s Vice, director Adam McKay explores the political climate of right-winged America from the 70’s to the mid 2000’s, as well as providing an overview of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s career. I do admit that my knowledge of American politics and history is extremely limited, however, I would argue that this fact simply emphasises McKay’s missed opportunity. The movie fails to give the … Continue reading Review: Vice

Frost On Film: Green Book

Never a Dull Moment At face value, Green Book sounds extremely formulaic and predictable. It is story about two mismatched men forced together by necessity rather than choice, who gradually become close friends. Add into the mix the over-trodden turf of the road trip as the method in which these two men become close, and it seems the film is destined for mediocrity. The fact that … Continue reading Frost On Film: Green Book

Frost on Film: Glass

An Underwhelming Finale In 2016 Split was released and received good reviews, seemingly placing M. Night Shyamalan’s directorial career back on track, following a rather dire succession of releases. However, while the tale boasted a fascinating killer at its centre suffering from multiple personality disorder, what drew more attention was the end of the film. In its final moments, Split revealed an aged Bruce Willis … Continue reading Frost on Film: Glass

Review: How To Train Your Dragon 3

*SPOILERS ALERT* The final film in the Dream Works Animation’s beloved trilogy is a hugely satisfying experience, a perspective which seems to be reflected in the facts: it has grossed $85 million worldwide, and has become the third highest-grossing film of 2019. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World follows Hiccup, chief and ruler of Berk, and his dragon Toothless, who continue to rescue … Continue reading Review: How To Train Your Dragon 3

Frost on Film: If Beale Street Could Talk

Today, in large part due to Trump’s presidency, the topic of racial hatred seems as prevalent as ever. Films released recently like The Hate U Give or Spike Lee’s brilliant Blackkklansman have attempted to discuss this issue with a loud and angry voice. If Beale Street Could Talk continues this trend but in a more subtle, muted way, elevating intimacy over depictions of racial prejudice. Continue reading Frost on Film: If Beale Street Could Talk