The Life Chronicles: Blinkers

Angie was slow my mother used to say. She told me she was ‘out of it’, and needed Adderall to help her focus. I was the younger daughter, by five years, so this gave me an internal feeling of superiority. I used to get called bright in comparison. I was naturally focused, but Angie didn’t seem to envy me, so she resisted the prescriptions my mother pushed for. Continue reading The Life Chronicles: Blinkers

Another Book Bites The Dust

Hi I’m Lucy, the Online Deputy Editor for Razz Magazine. This upcoming academic year I’m going to start a column featuring book reviews. These books could be just published, old favourites or anything I’ve wanted to read for a long time. I will try to avoid any spoilers as much as I can, but sometimes this is difficult due to some of the themes I … Continue reading Another Book Bites The Dust