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PINK MOON: Grad Week Deals!

Exeter based restaurant PINK MOON are offering a number of exclusive Grad Week deals to help make your Grad Week that bit more special! From Monday 15th July to Friday 19th July inclusive, PINK MOON are offering a special set menu with delicious dishes available for just £17.50 for two courses and £20.50 for 3 courses. To help you celebrate in style, we’re also offering … Continue reading PINK MOON: Grad Week Deals!

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Review: Bill’s Summer Menu @ Exeter

Katrina: Thanks for our lovely meal at Bill’s last night- it was the perfect way to finish off second year and celebrate results! First of all, I have to say I was really impressed with the refurb of Bill’s, it definitely brings a much more elegant tone to the restaurant. What did you think of it? Continue reading Review: Bill’s Summer Menu @ Exeter

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Review: Mannequin Mouth’s ‘Armageddon Baby’

Six housemates are confronted with the end of the world knocking ferociously at their front door. With no chance of stopping it, they plan to use their final evening to go out with a bang. An intriguing mix of irrational and logical, panicked and patient, attacker and victim, these housemates are an unlikely – and unlikeable – bunch, and their Armageddon party will only degenerate already unstable relationships within themselves and each other. Continue reading Review: Mannequin Mouth’s ‘Armageddon Baby’

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“#MakeFestivalsAccessible”: Exeter Student Speaks Out on Her Hijacked Experience

Ruby Jones, a University of Exeter student, disabled writer and activist, tweeted last week about the ableism she suffered at Hijacked festival on Thursday 30 May. In the original tweet was four photos of an e-mail she sent to a person of authority in relation to the Hijacked events team with the caption  “my letter of complaint after having to deal with discrimination and medical neglect at Hijacked Festival yesterday – utterly appalled lengthy read but highlights the ableism i had to deal with #makefestivalsaccessible”. The photos she attached describe the incident: Continue reading “#MakeFestivalsAccessible”: Exeter Student Speaks Out on Her Hijacked Experience

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Review: Jack by Shane Moore O’Sullivan

“The boys laughed and whispered to me that they were called the Lounge Cats, or something like that, and that they were quite famous. I replied that so was I.” (193)

The taxi driver known as Jack the Hat is undoubtedly a local celebrity in Exeter and its surrounding areas, and had been since long before the publication of this book. This quasi-mythical figure was made known to me before my first year had even started, when a fourth-year friend encouraged me to save the number of his taxi service in my phone. She told me a story of how Jack had helped her friend recover a misplaced credit card, and, in the following months, I heard more and more tales of Jack’s unprecedented kindness and heroism. Continue reading Review: Jack by Shane Moore O’Sullivan

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Review: Exeter’s Bill’s

After hearing about Bill’s renovation, Naomi and I were absolutely desperate to see how they could possibly improve their chic, colourful look and the delights of their buttermilk chicken burger and American-style pancakes! Upon arrival, our attention was immediately drawn to the beautiful flower feature wall just outside the doors – the perfect location for an aesthetic Instagram photoshoot of which we made full use. Continue reading Review: Exeter’s Bill’s

Review: ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare Society

After having the pleasure of being invited to review Shakespeare Society’s production of Doctor Faustus earlier this year, I was incredibly pleased to see that their latest production of Hamlet was up for review. I leapt at the opportunity, and can quite happily say that, while something may be rotten in the state of Denmark, there was nothing rotten about this wonderful performance! For Razz readers … Continue reading Review: ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare Society